Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another Flowering Blog

This gentleman has been commenting on my posts for a month or two. It seems he finally started his own. The knife commentary is especially intriguing. Citizen Arrest.

Desert Eagles are a Bit Large

I haven't fired the thing yet; that's in the works for sometime this week. My only other initial reaction to the fucking monstrosity is that it is huge.

Below is a picture of a full size Mil-Spec GI 1911 next to the gargantuan invader. I know I'm wearing gloves the first time I shoot this motherfucker.

Additionally, apparently it can convert to a .50 AE merely by swapping barrels and magazines.

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Desert Eagle Bolt

I will reiterate again, that much of this post is based on my observations and shouldn't be deemed anything but speculation.

The reason I think the Desert Eagle works with the .44 Rem Mag is because it is a gas system.

What shocked me most about inspecting this gun is that the the bolt face looks almost identical to an AR-15 bolt face. It has the same weird looking locking-bolt chamber (that was a little difficult to photgraph without breaking down the gun.) The gun has no ejection port; instead the entire chamber and breech is exposed while ejection takes place.

The barrel is integral in the slide and moves with the cycle. The motherfucker is hard to rack.

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.44 Desert Eagle

This is the Old Man's newest and wackiest score to date. It is a gas operated, semi-automatic .44. A lot of people think that this requires the old .44 Auto Mag cartridge that the AMT utilized.

The following comments are strictly from my own observation.

A contractor I know owns one of the old AMT Auto-Mags. We had a bit of a water leak in the office and some carpet is going to be replaced by tile. As the gentleman was coming in to give us a quote, I requested he bring his AMT with.

It was an interesting firearm. It either utilizes a recoil or blowback system, but definitely not gas like a Desert Eagle. He's only fired 5-10 rounds through the thing and it is in mint condition. I've always heard that what will kill you with the AMT is not the up front cost (I don't think more than 10,000 were made) but the cartridge. Nobody makes them and, as we all know, reloading might save some money and give you a better load, but that's useless if you plink with a semi-auto regularly.

This fellow was lucky enough to run across some Mexican AMT at a gun show, from his report.

Alas, the AMT would not fire the much beloved .44 Rem Mag because of cases with the rim. That's why a new cartridge was necessary.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

+P and +P+ and +P++++++ Ammunition

My home defense cartrides were getting a little low so I ordered 40 9mm(Speer Gold Dot) cartridges and 60 .45 ACP(Hornady) cartridges.

I'm turning 32 tomorrow and my age is showing. I just bought some ammo from Midway and all I wanted was bog-standard hollow point rounds. The kind everyone agrees on. Instead, I bought +P rounds.

I've always been more interested in rifle cartridges, so I've never looked into this aspect of pistol shooting. I've heard that +P ammo can put undue stress on rails and shit, so I always opted for a normal hollow-point.

Now that I have this ammo, I'm a bit reticent to shoot it. Breakdown follows:

-9mm. I own a Glock 17 and a CZ-PO1. Will a couple of rounds of +P fuck them up?

-.45 ACP. Not happening in the lightweight Commander. What about the Springfield USGI or an H&K USP.

Monday, July 24, 2006

New blog

This dude linked to me and has apparently been going since February. Check him out: Ridenshoot.

In answer to my question posed last weekend, we've gotten great responses from Analog Kid and an ex-USMC. I'm going to reprint the Marine's comment, hopefully with his wishes:

Wow! Do I feel old. The problem you've illustrated with your cartridge photo is
one that all of us older 1911 lovers knew for decades, but noone fixed. The
ejection port is simply too small! Thats why smiths for the last 30 years, and
manufacturers also, have been lowering and lengthening the ejection port. You
should see what my original 1911, made in 1918, does to brass! You'd cry at the
fold it puts in the case mouth

The problem is one that has been going on for 100 years, I guess. If I was an enterprising fucker I would have compared the USGI to a modern 1911. I've also read this before, so I should have been able to call it.

Below is a picture of a modern Colt Commander next to the USGI. The Commander is on the bottom and the USGI is the upper one. It's obvious that the ejection port is massively different.

I was being lazy and uninformed and y'all figured it out. Thank you.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

One in a Row

I've always loved Len's blog; except when he ignores it for months at a time.

Len is your go-to shotgun guy. He's forgotten shit I will never know.

Given that he's back, and Head decided to drop, it seemed to be an easy decision.

Head will be sorely missed, but when Len decides to write, he is good. Check his shit out, but watch your mouth because he has children.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Brass from Mil-Spec Springfield

The Old Man passed along this photograph this weekend, as well as several others, showing what the ejected brass from the Springfield USGI 1911s. We scored three of these at Christmas and they seem to behave identically. We've recovered brass from all three pistols.

Although they seem to operate fine, i.e. no stovepipes, fail to feeds, etc., the brass out of all three pistols is bent as shown.

If anybody has some advice, if would be greatly appreciated. Also note, none of these pistols have over 1,000 rounds through them, so it is possible that this is merely a break-in issue.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Another Reason to Hate the French

I know any red-blooded American should not give a shit about the World Cup. Unfortunately, I lived with a limey off and on for about 10 years.

Regardless, any reason to hate the French is a good one and this guy is a fucking prick:

A Rare Book Review

Based on Rummel's recommendation, over at Hell in a Handbasket, the Old Man picked up Point of Impact, and subsequently started us on the entire trilogy. I must say, I enjoyed the three novels immensely. The author's technical knowledge of long-range shooting melds with his writing skills to produce 3 exceptionally well written, well thought out novels.

However, the last book left me with a very large unanswered question. The author, Stephen Hunter, is a movie critic at the Washington Post. I contacted him with my question and we exchanged several emails.

I tend to contact authors when I have questions or even if I'm requesting their recommendation for further material on a subject they are familiar with. I have to say that Mr. Hunter was the coolest, non-snob author I have ever contacted. He didn't bullshit me and answered my question without any air of superiority or duplicity.

There are three books in all and each is worth the effort: Point of Impact, Black Light, and Time to Hunt. I'm reading additional novels he has penned. If you get a chance, I would read them before Hollywood ass-fucks them.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Concealed-Carry (Continued)

Last weekend, I took the supplemental Utah test. Utah seems to be a little laxer and is only an additional hour of class time. The benefit is that an additional 10 states recognize that license.

During the week, I put the finishing touches on my applications; i.e., passport photos, fingerprint cards, and the final assembly and checks.

My approximation is that the total cost of the CCW thing is in the range of $800-$1,000, once the requisite bullshit is completed and then you send a check to the state.

Last Thursday, I had to go inspect a property in the mountains. After that I came back and got my passport photos and my fingerprint cards. Those two were about a 4 hour process and I didn't get back until almost 1900 hours. Well past dinner time.

I appreciate that the state doesn't want every hilljack in the state getting a CHC license, thus the undue bereaucratic burden. But when, what I view to be, a fundamental right is obfuscated by bullshit, I fail to see the benefit to society.

You don't even have to know how to clean your weapon to obtain the permit; you just need money and the ability to deal with a system working against you. Seems to defeat the purpose.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Soldiers or Not

With the recent Supreme Court decision, all that I have heard about it (as I haven't read all 264 pages of the drek they put out), it would seem to me that any Muslim in the US has suddenly become subject to the Geneva Convention!?!
We have Mohamed, who walks into a Jewish Delicatessan and attempt to rob the establishment. The owner pulls out a .44 Mag loaded with HOLLOW POINTS and proceeds to shoot the perpetrator.
Said perpetrator somehow survives and shows up it court and claims that he is Al Queda and was working for the cause and got shot with a HOLLOW POINT, which is illegal under the Supreme Court's interpretation of the Geneval Convention.
So what do we do now, let him off with damages for being a mistreated soldier in the jihad against America? Throw the storekeep in jail for violating the Convention and using ILLEGAL bullets?
When do we stop playing footsie in the middle of a war and get our shit together????

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