Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Best group utilizing a bipod on a bench. I think this gun should be ready for Boomershoot in 9 months. Posted by Hello

Classic action and a Mark4 Leupold Tactical scope with a Mil-dot reticle. Posted by Hello

Overview of the Classic. 24" barrel, chambered in .308. Posted by Hello

Boomershoot Rifle for the Old Man

The old man ordered this rifle before Boomershoot; back in April.

It finally showed up on Thursday. I had the Mid-Range M4 Tactical Leupold a month and a half ago. I had the mounting hardware, the rings, a lapping tool Kirk was kind enough to loan me, and high quality Leupold rings. I've been chomping at the bit to get my hands on the rifle.

It finally showed up on Thursday at 4:00 PM. I had the scope mounted by 2:30 on Friday. The rings were lapped, the reticle straight, and the old man was going crazy to shoot it.

The rifle is a Remington 700 Classic chambered in .308. This is the last year Remington is doing the Classic line (which is the old action, no child safety internal locks, and is just a clean, sweet looking rifle.)

Today was our first range day with it. Normally range day is Thursday, but we made an exception because of the new arrival. We also had the new Kowa spotting scope, which meant I didn't need to hang paper every 15 minutes, I just sat on my ass and called shots.

Due to the precise skills of the gent who mounted scope, almost no windage adjustment was needed. The elevation needed about 4 inches of adjustment and the fucker was dead on.

We fucked around with some Federal Match 168 gr. BTHP and then tried out some Aussie surplus, which seemed to perform almost as well as the match.

He was sighting utilizing only a front bipod with no rest.

It rained for a bit and we had to wait it out. Then he pulled a pretty fucking sweet group utilizing the equipment he had.

All in all a good range day and I think the old man's Boomershoot rifle should do the trick.

Thursday, June 23, 2005



Where criminals have more rights than victims.

Where soldiers are criminals and criminals are saints.

Where the courts can take your life.

Where your local city can take your property.

Where Democrats dont have to apologize for anything, but republicans must and resign.

Where "Runaway Brides" and black (white?) faggots and squealers make multimillion dollar book deals and normal people get screwed.

Where movies are crap and make millions of dollars.

Where the president is bad and losers are automatically good.

Where animals are more litigated over than people.

Where Muslims are protected but Christians are discriminated against.

Where the Koran in Gitmo is more sacred than the Bible in court.

Where homosexuals are dominating our education system.

Where illegal immigrants have more "rights" than citizens.

Where sex offenders live normal lives (while living across the street from the elementary school).

Where crime stats go up and education goes down.

Where the courts rule and the people do not.

Where lawyers represent 4% of the gross national product and produce no tangible product.

Where teachers abuse and parents recluse.

Where "no child left behind" means they all are.

Where mothers have disappeared (they all have to work, allegedgly).

Where kids have disappeared off the streets because they have to play video games.

Where people like Pelosi, Byrd, Kennedy, Leahy, Durbin, Reid, Kerry, McCain, Boxer, Feinstein, Clinton, Schumer can get RE-ELECTED!

What happened, where did we lose it, and what can be done about it now?

The Old Man

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Brilliant Idea and promising Blog

Say Uncle, blogger, genius, has set up a TLB Group for gun bloggers. I have to admit that I'm honored he included me in the intitial roll, as I either get googled for fucked up shit or my staunch readers (all of those family members) consist of my hit count.

I've never like the idea of participating in Carnivals. When Carnival of the Capitalists had that sleeper Commie, it took them awhile to recover. With Uncle administrating, there shouldn't be any bullshit.

There also appears to be a new gunblogger that I failed to notice. His reload posts I find most interesting. Check out Shaky Pete.

I'm shooting this week, so I just may have something original to post. But then again...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tagged by the Book Meme

Cowboy Blob was nice enough to tag me with the book meme that's been circulating for several weeks.

I have to say that these are some tough questions, and I devoted more thought to this than I cared to, but here goes.

1. Total Number of Books I Own. This is very tough to answer. It is at least in the hundreds. I'm still a renter and have moved so many times that books and DVDs tend to get left in boxes in anticipation of the next move.

Additionally, much like guns, my father's collection and mine tend to be in intermingled. Case in point, my mother wants me to go through a shitload of boxes I've had at my parents house for the last 12 years. These date back to high school and consist of the weird shit I bought in high school (Artaud, Corso, etc.) and classics I ripped off from the old man (Faulkner, Joyce, etc.)

2. Last Book I Bought. The last book I bought was Precision Shooting at 1,000 Yards. It is a collection of essays on long range precision target shooting and covers everything from varmint hunting to reloading.

3. Last Book I Read. My parents and I have been doing a discussion group on Joyce's Ulysses for the last couple of months. We read a chapter a week and then discuss before dinner on Sunday nights. We have also supplemented it with Stanley Sultan's The Argument of Ulysses, which is one of the more useful critical works on the subject, though somewhat hard to find in decent shape as it was published by Ohio State University Press, which only did several runs (if not a single one.)

We fell a little behind, as my mother is a grade school teacher, and, at least perceives, she falls behind towards the end of the school year.

Before that the last book I completed reading, was Sometimes a Great Notion.

4. 5 Books That Meant a Lot to Me. This was the tough nut. It's not "favorite books" or "most influential books" it's "books that meant a lot to me."

Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man was my bible in my high school days. Wasted youth, sex, alcohol, etc.

Catch-22 was probably the book that has ever had the most emotional impact on me.

Light In August I always though had the most beautiful first chapter ever written before it slips into the Faulknerian (sic?) hell that so many of his novels do. Of course, someone may truncate the ending now that it's made Oprah's book club.

Ray Bradbury's Halloween Tree used to be read annually and still gets a glance once in a while. If the old man were doing this list Dandelion Wine would no doubt supplant this as far as books that meant a shitload.

Lastly, the token political book. Walter E. Williams' More Liberty Means Less Government. This is the book that I credit with making me the right-wing wacko I am today, or at least provided the final coffin nails. I was a fiscal conservative long before I was a gun-owner.

5. Tag 5 People. I am going to cheat on this one and only reference two and a half. Kirk at Limpidity (because we've never really discussed this sort of thing and it appears he's having technical difficulties, so why not pile on?) and Joe of Boomershoot fame, just because I'm dying to know what kind of shit that guy reads. Lastly, the old man of ReasonableNut who occassionally posts, but contributes all the time. That's just because he agreed that 4. was a tough question, but didn't answer.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Whitman and the Genesis of Gun Law

Me and the old man were discussing the most talented snipers of all time tonight. Of course, that always includes Hathcock, but inevitably turns into the "could Oswald work a bold 3 times in 7 1/2 seconds?" question. We both now agree that that is nearly impossible, and even if you could do it, you wouldn't hit shit.

The conversation seguewayed into naming the top 3 reasons the 60's gun restriction went into effect. The old man's position was that, in lieu of anyone else, Oswald ended the mail order rifle.

The other big donor to this effort was Whitman. He shot from a 400 ft. high tower at ranges out to 400 yards and killed 14 people while wounding dozens more. After reading about the man, it seems to me he could have operated for another 24 hours if would not have been stopped.

Needless to say, he was stopped and hadn't killed a president. Nonetheless, the era of the mail-order rifle had come to an end.

At this point in the conversation I got confused. Don't Brady Bunch types argue that they want to take everything but the "hunting rifles" away? Don't pusillanimous NRA types always argue that they're protecting "hunter's rights?" Well if a gun is suited to killing North American big game, it is also suitable for killing people (and some would argue moreso than an M-16 in the 5.56 caliber)?

The want handguns to be banned, but long rifles and shotguns would still be available. Would you rather have a Glock 17 or a Remington pump in the middle of the night?

The point being is that these people are liars and the dupes (hunting crowd) who swallow this swill have no idea what the agenda is.

Whitman committed an atrocity at long range with a 6mm rifle with a really shitty 60's scope on it. Today's deer rifle is capable of so much more.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

.270 Range Day

Brought her out today and she performed better than I imagined. It took twenty minutes and we had a rough zero. At 200 yards, the groups were a bit off, due to the wind, but they were still pretty tight groups. Next up is doing the tunnel to gain the "no-wind zero."

At the start, I was trying to pull barrel break-in. I've attempted this before, but always break down and shoot by the 10th cleaning, or whatever. I know people who are die-hard about this and others that think barrel break-in is a joke. Ask an old-timer at the range what he thinks and he'll tell you you're fucking nuts.

I continue to fall in love with this cartridge. It's not exactly a lighter recoil than a .30-cal, it's just a trimmer, more aerodynamic cartridge, it seems to me.

The velocity also seems to be advantageous for a bullet that weight.

I've got several targets I'll post, once my lazy ass can actually walk downstairs and get them.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Winchester .270 update

I finally successfully mounted a scope to the Win 70. Originally this was intended to be a back-up rifle for Boomershoot, however it was purchased on such short notice, I found my self with not enough time to ready the rifle and myself, and decided that trigger-time on the .30-06 was more important. As such, the rifle just sat there for awhile, as I have been shooting pistol for a change of pace, since I returned from Idaho.

In a weird move, I mounted a Leupold VX-III with a Boone and Crockett reticle:


As opposed to the mil-dot scope I have been familiarizing myself with:

The B&C is an indexed, mid- to long range scope, that seems to have both advantages and disadvantages. It's maximum range seems to be well below 700 yards and it's probably going to be hard to customize to a specific load. On the other hand, it seems to be much more instinctive than the mil-dot. I'm looking forward to firing it.

Additionally, the more I read about the .270 round, the more enamored I am by it. It seems to be close to the 6.8mm SPC (which, from what I've read, is pretty close to the British .280 that NATO wanted to standarize on instead of the 5.56mm), but the ballistic capabilities look to be better. It's not that popular, or widely produced but Sierra makes a Boat-Tail Hollow-Point match bullet in that caliber, so it can't suck completely.

The mil-dot, which is my reticle of choice, is much more versatile as far as ballistics it can accommodate (i.e. any) and is multi-purpose as far as ranging, wind-holds, elevation-holds, and leading moving targets.

I'm looking forward to getting a broad zero on the scope at 100 yards and then trying 200. After that I will dial in the no-wind zero at the tunnel range and should be good for the 600 yard range.

The old man has a firearm showing up (pics and details to follow) and we will probably be doing this with both rifles in tandem. His will be a mil-dot though.

Not much rage for the weekend, heh?

The Winchester 70 .270 is finally scoped. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 03, 2005

Deep Throat

I've been a bit silent lately. No reason, just laziness. And the news.

I don't know when this shit started but it's worse than the Summer of Sharks back in 2000. How many words can you right about a 90-year old rat who finally admitted that he's a rat? I'm not letting conservatives off of the hook either. Noonan, one of my favorite commentators, had a piece up today on the Mark Felt thing. She's frothing at the mouth about him betraying the ethics he swore to and all of that.

I haven't hit Democratic Underground yet, but if Olbermann is any indication, the conspiracy theories are running rampant. The Democrats got Nixon's head on a stake and they still cannot be content with that thirty years after the fact.

What do these disparate ideological camps have in common? AGE. They're all fucking baby boomers who think the pivotal crux of history was when a bunch of hairy people walked around with signs and made the cover of Newsweek.

If needed, I can provide signed affidavits stating that I was shitting my pants and happy to roll around on the floor when the hearings happened. I was not even an idea when the actual burglary took place.

But the Boomers got what they wanted and have ascended to the reins of most big media. That's why I don't think they will let this go anytime soon. And as for those self-worshipping tits named Bernstein and Woodward, well...hopefully their day in the sun has passed.

I asked a woman who I work with what she thought of Deep Throat. She stated, in all seriousness, "Wasn't that a movie about a woman with a clitoris in her windpipe?"

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