Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blogroll Changes

Unlike a lot of people, I like to keep the blogroll updated with people I read every day. That menu is my morning gun reading, so I want to keep it concise and up to date.

I am holding out hope for Head. He says he's quitting "conditionally", but I find myself delving into his archives quite a bit. Could not bring myself to drop him.

You will notice that Posse Incitatus is gone. His deletion has nothing to do with the quality of his blog. I run a gun blog and he increasingly got political while ignoring the gun angle. I will still read him, but as a political endeavour.

Posse was replaced by an old-time friend: Kyle at Cerebral Misfire. He started his blog at almost the exact same time I did and cranked like I never did. Kirk and Cowboy were also in this era. Kyle took almost a year off and is starting to print some damned fine commentary again.

The next drop was Len at One-In-Row. This one pains me more. Len was a great resource on reloading and shotgunning while also being an advocate of converting youth to the shooting sports. Len kind of crapped out in the last 4 months. His posts are, at best, intermittent, and again, take a political rather than technical approach. I will still check his shit out, every couple of weeks, but it is not a daily read.

Len is being replaced with, what I feel to be, one of the best under-the-radar gun-bloggers out there. I remember hitting a link to CarnabyFudge about a year ago and saying to myself, "this fucker has a great blog." Then I forgot all about it. As he is hosting Mr. Completely's new E-Postal Match, I read his blog again and realized what I've been missing.

These changes occur every once in awhile and no one should take offense. I blogroll shit I read at least once a week.

Otherwise, participate in the E-postal match or no one will bother, which is when we should all worry.

Actually, Carnaby Fudge is a brother-sister blog. "Carnaby" is Ben, and "Stickwick" is Sarah. Both are muy bright.
Thanks for the high praise, and the link. I hit your site daily, and have found a bunch of cool bloggers through your site.

I am still pretty ignorant on this blog stuff. I set up a blogroll account, but apparently am not smart enough to get it into my blog. I got the "blogroll me" thing in there, but can't seem to get the blogroll list in there. Oh well. I'll try again tomorrow, and see if I can't get this thing working right. I wish I was better with these goofy computers.

At any rate, thanks again for the kind words and whatnot.
Thanks to Kevin for pointing out that the post should properly read "These f*ckers..." (Thanks also for the compliment!) :)

We appreciate the blogroll addition, Nut. We've reciprocated.

Apparently you are very smart, as Kevin of the Smallest Minority has advised me.


I'm sorry, but the quality of my commentary is not exactly up there with Michael Barone.

I appreciate you two noticing me, and regret that I didn't realize it was a co-blob.

Thank you and best regards,

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