Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Rare Book Review

Based on Rummel's recommendation, over at Hell in a Handbasket, the Old Man picked up Point of Impact, and subsequently started us on the entire trilogy. I must say, I enjoyed the three novels immensely. The author's technical knowledge of long-range shooting melds with his writing skills to produce 3 exceptionally well written, well thought out novels.

However, the last book left me with a very large unanswered question. The author, Stephen Hunter, is a movie critic at the Washington Post. I contacted him with my question and we exchanged several emails.

I tend to contact authors when I have questions or even if I'm requesting their recommendation for further material on a subject they are familiar with. I have to say that Mr. Hunter was the coolest, non-snob author I have ever contacted. He didn't bullshit me and answered my question without any air of superiority or duplicity.

There are three books in all and each is worth the effort: Point of Impact, Black Light, and Time to Hunt. I'm reading additional novels he has penned. If you get a chance, I would read them before Hollywood ass-fucks them.

Glad you found him, because he's one of the best authors out there, period. I got hooked on him about 10 years ago, and I've read everything except his newest nonfiction account of a secret service gunfight, which according to Massad Ayoob in AMERICAN HANDGUNNER, just rocks. I have no doubts.

You'll love the last half of PALE HORSE COMING, and HOT SPRINGS is the UNTOUCHABLES on steroids.

It's really cool that you actually corresponded with the guy, and that he answered.

The guy knows his firearms. Check out John Connally as well. Not as good with guns, but a great read nonetheless.
Yup - liked 'em all. Great stuff. Imagine, someone who respects firearms and the people who love them, working for the wipes at the .comPost.
Yeah, the Post, The Stick, our little bit of the Former Soviet Union on the Potomac - part of Amerika's corner of Marx's dusbin.

Don't get me started....
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