Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hopkins Flag (or Gadsden)

Thanks to Joe's Crabby shack, I've found that it appears that a man bearing my family name, might have been partly responsible for this:

I guess Benjamin Franklin also contributed, in his way, to the promulgation of the rattlesnake as an American icon. Fucking weird; read about it.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Sportsman's Warehouse Sucks

They really are the worst.

A few weeks back, we needed Large Pistol Primers. We checked with the local retailers and they were all out. Thus, you figure you hit the big box. I mean, everybody uses Large Pistol Primers. Shit, most guys who load just do it to cut down on .45 cost. Well, Sportsman's Warehouse didn't have shit. We took it as a token that it was not meant to be.

Fast forward a month. The Old Man and I went down there to pick up an emergency box of .45 round nose. They didn't have it, of course. I also noticed the primer section was even more eviscerated than when we'd last been there. Do you have a buyer? Do you stock?

Fuck you anyway. You wasted shitloads of my time and you are useless.

When is Cabela's opening?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Enfield refinish

About a year ago, the Old Man bought an Enfield for about $160 from Big 5 Sports. It was consistently a great shooter, even though it was the cheapest rifle we've ever bought. As such, there was some knashing of teeth on how much money should be spent refurbishing it. Finally, it was decided that such a good shooter could not be left to degenerate further and we shipped it to Dean's Gun Restoration. Following are the results.

If you have the means and an old military rifle that shoots like a motherfucker, I can't recommend Dean's enough. Fair price for some really awesome craftsmanship.


Our boys in blue seem to do okay if an old lady leads them to the crime. Otherwise, I'm not impressed.

If the link demands log-in it's "bh3323899" and the password is "bthopkins"

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