Sunday, July 30, 2006

.44 Desert Eagle

This is the Old Man's newest and wackiest score to date. It is a gas operated, semi-automatic .44. A lot of people think that this requires the old .44 Auto Mag cartridge that the AMT utilized.

The following comments are strictly from my own observation.

A contractor I know owns one of the old AMT Auto-Mags. We had a bit of a water leak in the office and some carpet is going to be replaced by tile. As the gentleman was coming in to give us a quote, I requested he bring his AMT with.

It was an interesting firearm. It either utilizes a recoil or blowback system, but definitely not gas like a Desert Eagle. He's only fired 5-10 rounds through the thing and it is in mint condition. I've always heard that what will kill you with the AMT is not the up front cost (I don't think more than 10,000 were made) but the cartridge. Nobody makes them and, as we all know, reloading might save some money and give you a better load, but that's useless if you plink with a semi-auto regularly.

This fellow was lucky enough to run across some Mexican AMT at a gun show, from his report.

Alas, the AMT would not fire the much beloved .44 Rem Mag because of cases with the rim. That's why a new cartridge was necessary.

Desert Eagle Posted by Picasa

The .44 Auto Mag is based on the .308 Winchester rifle case, simply cut down. Handloading for it shouldn't be too hard.
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