Sunday, July 09, 2006

Concealed-Carry (Continued)

Last weekend, I took the supplemental Utah test. Utah seems to be a little laxer and is only an additional hour of class time. The benefit is that an additional 10 states recognize that license.

During the week, I put the finishing touches on my applications; i.e., passport photos, fingerprint cards, and the final assembly and checks.

My approximation is that the total cost of the CCW thing is in the range of $800-$1,000, once the requisite bullshit is completed and then you send a check to the state.

Last Thursday, I had to go inspect a property in the mountains. After that I came back and got my passport photos and my fingerprint cards. Those two were about a 4 hour process and I didn't get back until almost 1900 hours. Well past dinner time.

I appreciate that the state doesn't want every hilljack in the state getting a CHC license, thus the undue bereaucratic burden. But when, what I view to be, a fundamental right is obfuscated by bullshit, I fail to see the benefit to society.

You don't even have to know how to clean your weapon to obtain the permit; you just need money and the ability to deal with a system working against you. Seems to defeat the purpose.

In Ohio :

Cost me 30 USD and thirty minutes to get my driver's papers set up, and I'm not a great driver. I could only fail the test for specific reasons listed to me before I took the test, and the test itself was free. My papers last for four years. I could start driving legally at 16 or so.

Getting a new CCW costs over 150 USD just for the training courses (minimum of twelve hours), and additional 45 USD for the actual paperwork. The paperwork can take up to or more than 50 days, and can be returned with no actual CCW without refunding the costs. You can not apply for a CCW until 21.

Nevermind how many more people are killed by cars than by guns every year. Nevermind how few CCW owners even break the law, nevermind use their weapon illegitimately.

Oh, and nevermind the right to bear arms is enshrined right next to free speech, but that's just a technicality.

Isn't it just great?!
"You don't even have to know how to clean your weapon to obtain the permit;"

What does this have to do with anything? Sure it is good to clean your weapons regularly and oil them even if they aren't being used....

But you don't have to know how to check or change the oil on your car, fix a flat, jump-start a dead battery, or do any of a 100 other things to your car to be able to get a drivers license. You just need to be able to drive the car.

Not everyone wants to reload their own ammo. Not everyone wants to shoot skeet, or large-caliber rifles. Not everyone wants a custom 1911.

Don't judge everyone by your experience.
Yes, but if you're paying upwards of a hundred USD, I'd sure as hell want a more comprehensive discussion on the matter.

I know the basic pistol course at a nearby range covers everything up to cleaning and mainantance. That's in three hours - most of the time is spent on things like how to use a cable lock. I can't see why the CCW course can't go over basic stuff like this, particularly since it is something you really should do for any gun. Even if you don't fire it in years, it needs to be cleaned before being used.

I know you are an indoor shooter. Your primary thing is self-defense.

I take a different view.

I was muzzle swept at least 3 times by these idiots. You may not know how to clean a gun, but for Christ's sake understand how it functions. And understand that it is not cool to point a loaded (or unloaded) weapon at me.

You, of all people, I expected to understand. I'm gravely dissapointed.

If you don't know how the gun works, it will be ineffective.

Sorry to disagree,
I'd figure that if you have no idea about cleaning your gun, which is very basic and easy to follow... how are you expected to know safety procedures with second-nature movements?

In my opinion I'd prefer to be around a completely competent gun owner, rater that one that doesnt even know how to clean a gun. How much more do they not know?
One of my biggest rants concerns civic responsibility. If you're going to carry, you had better be at least moderately proficient with your weapon. That includes basic safety.

The thing also needs to work if you need it, and that means maintenance as well. I've seen plenty of cases where a gunked-up gun doesn't work on the range. It probably wouldn't have worked if the person had to shoot to save a life. This is a very bad thing.

The weird thing about the Second Amendment is the visceral reaction those on the left have towards it, for a number of reasons. One, they hate it because it is basically the only thing preventing a totalitarian government. Two, those that aren't communists hate guns because they're scary. People have a habit of trying to destroy what scares them.

So even though it's a God-given right, we have to put up with insane regulations on when we can carry, where, what, etc. Like most laws, they are passed to make some moron feel better. I can make the argument that all these regs are completely unconstitutional, but nobody outside of this circle understands, nor wants to.

Wilful ignorance is blissful, but also extremely dangerous to the freedom that we know and love.
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