Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RNS & CCW Insurance

A comment from the Old Man (aka William):

We started MMD Brokers with an idea. We thought it was a good idea and completely new, not to be compared to any existing approach. It was a policy written by CCW holders tailored to the needs and liabilities of CCW holders. We believe it is an excellent product which meets the legal requirements that a CCW holder would think was their responsibility. We were naive as respects the "gun community."

We thought the need was obvious and our solution was the best available. We figured that gun people come up with products all the time that are immediately embraced by the community.
We honestly were not prepared for the immediate negative shit storm that we ran into. Negative comments, nit picking and completely ignorant comments. I have been doing this insurance thing for most of my life and I know the business. I also know what this product does and why it is needed.

And so we come to today. David at Random Nuclear Strikes has manifested the first ray of light that we have seen out of the gun community thus far. I know the post he put together was not an easy one to write. He has really put together all of the things that we wanted this product to be and the crucial need for this product. We feel that it is almost a necessity for the responsible weapon carrier and it was our intention in designing the product to meet the needs that David so painfully outlines.

Legal defense funds/networks are fine, I have looked at them all. I have not found an actual contract that outlines their responsibilities in the event of a self defense situation and accordingly I have viewed them as a less than adequate solution to the problems we face as concealed carry practitioners.

Make no mistake,we are in this to make money, but we also firmly believe in this product as the ultimate and best available solution.

I honestly want to thank David for his courage and also for giving us a glimmer of hope in what has been, thus far, a completely discouraging endeavor.

Comment from me (ReasonableNut aka Benjamin):

For a long time, I was giving David shit for not doing this post. This program became effective on July 1st, 09, and David had said he reviewed the material and thought it to be a good idea. He also said he'd do a post on it (obviously we are rabid for lawyers to look at this.)

Awhile went by, and still there wasn't any post. We saw each other in Reno for the first time in 4+ years and I asked him what the holdup was. He indicated that this was a topic he wanted to approach carefully.

Now that he's posted it, I think I understand a little better why this particular commentary took a little longer to percolate on than reviewing a new AR magazine or writing up a range report.

I want to thank David for his candour and honesty. Me and the Old Man discussed and agreed that he makes a better argument than we ever could.

It also comes with a dose of reality that is probably torturous, but that he's lived through and me and 99.9% if us have not.

That's balls.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My favorite .45 Colt shooter

Ever since Reno, my new favorite shooter is Bea. Her grandson's blog is the link on the title.

This lady kicked ass for two days and never stopped. She was kind and probably deserved a lot more applause than she got.

Here's a picture of her chillaxing:

I wouldn't mess with this lady. Hard opinions and good aim.
And .45 Colt is nothing to sneeze at either.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kirk finished his AR

Kirk is finally done. For those of you that haven't followed the pilgrimage, it was a long hard slog, just like most of his gun projects. Maybe moving out of Maryland would help, but maybe not.

If anyone recalls, Kirk was lucky his Boomershoot rifle 4 years ago was actually done. I think he got to shoot it twice before he left for Idaho. If I'm wrong, he'll correct me.

Regardless, he ended up with a tits looking AR. I've never seen a "gold" trigger on one before. The contrast is striking.

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