Thursday, July 27, 2006

+P and +P+ and +P++++++ Ammunition

My home defense cartrides were getting a little low so I ordered 40 9mm(Speer Gold Dot) cartridges and 60 .45 ACP(Hornady) cartridges.

I'm turning 32 tomorrow and my age is showing. I just bought some ammo from Midway and all I wanted was bog-standard hollow point rounds. The kind everyone agrees on. Instead, I bought +P rounds.

I've always been more interested in rifle cartridges, so I've never looked into this aspect of pistol shooting. I've heard that +P ammo can put undue stress on rails and shit, so I always opted for a normal hollow-point.

Now that I have this ammo, I'm a bit reticent to shoot it. Breakdown follows:

-9mm. I own a Glock 17 and a CZ-PO1. Will a couple of rounds of +P fuck them up?

-.45 ACP. Not happening in the lightweight Commander. What about the Springfield USGI or an H&K USP.

The 9mm Glocks are sturdy little beasties. It's possible to blow one apart, but I've only heard of a couple examples ever, usually linked to bad ammo. I'd feel fairly safe, and Hipower Handguns had no real problem.

I've seen a hundred or two Remington +p+ rounds fired through a CZ-PO1, but I dunno if that'll stand true for your gun or all guns.

Dunno about the .45, though.
Hey Benjamin, not to change the subject but I want to let you know that I have changed my blog format a little. The direction I’m going towards may not suit your taste. The change is nothing too drastic, just a much higher ratio of adult related content. If you wish to delete me from your blogroll I respect your decision. At the same time if you would like me to remove your link from my blogroll please let me know by leaving a comment or by emailing me. I'm looking foward to remaining in your blogroll and keeping your link in mine.

Gatt Suru,

Thanks for the info. I was mostly fishing for the Glock. I think I will leave the CZ out of it.

As to the .45s, H&K explicitly states that the USP was designed for +P or +P+ ammo. I'm leaving the 1911's out of it.

By the way, do you have a blog?

Best regards,

Er, I've got a fairly small one I just started up about a week ago, Citizen's Arrest.

Not much, yet, and I'm bordering on essayist, but it's a start.
The Springfield manual says that their 1911's are OK for +p as long as they have the full 5" barrel. Otherwise, I suppose they recommend against it.
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