Sunday, July 16, 2006

Brass from Mil-Spec Springfield

The Old Man passed along this photograph this weekend, as well as several others, showing what the ejected brass from the Springfield USGI 1911s. We scored three of these at Christmas and they seem to behave identically. We've recovered brass from all three pistols.

Although they seem to operate fine, i.e. no stovepipes, fail to feeds, etc., the brass out of all three pistols is bent as shown.

If anybody has some advice, if would be greatly appreciated. Also note, none of these pistols have over 1,000 rounds through them, so it is possible that this is merely a break-in issue.

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Anyone, Anyone? Bueller?
Maybe the ejection mechanism's hitting too hard, or there's a gap between the chamber and the barrel causing the metal to bubble up like that. Of course, I am Not a Gunsmith, so who knows.

Have you tried posting this to the Other Side of Kim forums?
What part of the feed or ejection path does the shape of the dent match?
Wow! Do I feel old. The problem you've illustrated with your cartridge photo is one that all of us older 1911 lovers knew for decades, but noone fixed. The ejection port is simply too small! Thats why smiths for the last 30 years, and manufacturers also, have been lowering and lengthening the ejection port. You should see what my original 1911, made in 1918, does to brass! You'd cry at the fold it puts in the case mouth.
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