Thursday, July 30, 2009

PayPal, EBay, et. al.

Kevin over at Smallest Minority is also planning on attending the Gunblogger Rendezvous in Reno this fall.

Unlike me, he took the initiative and donated a gun to raffle off to benefit soldiers.

Typically, the pussies at PayPal balked at the idea and canceled the raffle to benefit our finest.

Truly shameless, but I guess that's we've come to expect.

Hell, we're such pussies that Chicago and Baltimore are becoming war zones, due to our and our politician's complacence.

Hit the header and read the whole story from Kevin.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Your Homeowners Policy Does Not Cover Shooting People

Ever since this program was introduced, and linked to by Joe, SayUncle, and Gator (all of whom threw it out there as an interesting concept, without qualification), there have been some occluded conversations about the nature of this policy in certain circles. I hope this post serves to rectify the misunderstanding that seems to be abounding.

A) "Intentional Acts." A standard homeowners policy or umbrella excludes all intentional acts, without exception. If you think a court or a jury of your peers will not view the decision to pull a trigger, whether inside your home or without, as an "intentional act," you are deluded. Your homeowners policy, essentially, provides no coverage. If it is a high profile case or there are other extenuating circumstances, they may choose to defend you under a "reservation of rights."

B) "Criminal Defense Reimbursement." This coverage doesn’t exist under any homeowners policy. But, according to all of the experts on the intertubes, District Attorneys are inherently a fair-minded crowd, who would never prosecute you for, what in your mind was, a justified shooting.

Also, if you want to call me a fraud or a scam-artist, have the balls to do it to my goddamn face.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


The last rifle the Old Man purchased was a Romanian manufactured Dragunov.

Needless to say, it had the bog standard Eastern Bloc furniture with a shitty wood finish. We didn't take before pictures. The Old Man does furniture and I have no idea how he refinished the wood.

It's a bit of a weird rifle. The thumbhole stock is a lot shorter than what you consider necessary for any kind of sniper rifle. It also has a metal butt-plate, which can hurt like all hell.

The other strange feature is the scope. I believe it is a 3x Commie scope. Originally, they were tritium illuminated, but that burned out a long time ago. It also has some weird Ivan ranging system built into the reticle that we haven't figured out yet.
If you look at the picture, the scope appears to be enormously long, and not afford enough eye relief.
In reality, about two inches on the rear of the scope is a gasket or rubber extension. This ensures that you do not need to train people about eye relief, length of pull, etc., as the rubber eyepiece guarantees you're not going to get popped.
The best feature of this rifle is the ammo. As can be seen, the 7.62 X 54R has remained relatively cheap as compared to any other .30 comparable cartridge. I keep telling the Old Man to stock up on this shit, because who knows how long it will last.
The rifle was purchased from J&G Sales, and they didn't fuck around with it. The whole process took about 10 days, once they had the rifles in stock.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

SHTF (You might see more of these)

I thought this was a pretty insightful article into the possibilities and the levels of preparedness. We're currently on a radio kick, as the weapons issue is probably resolved.

Monday, July 06, 2009

CCW Insurance

Admittedly, even since my announced comeback, posting has been erratic at best.

We've bought few new firearms. We did do a 2-day Tactical Rifle course the week before last. A full AAR will follow in due course.

Part of the reason the last few months have been so hectic is that we've been finalizing a CCW Insurance Program. The Old Man has been busting ass for the last 5 years to sell this product to someone at Lloyd's. They're Englishmen, for Christ's sake. It's like selling Kryptonite to Superman.

Anyway, it came together and was effective 07/01.

It has everything the NRA personal policy lacks. You can read how broad the coverage is by reading the actual policy language here. For now, we're writing in NM, CO, and AZ. TX will follow shortly, as soon as the paperwork bullshit is done.

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