Sunday, July 02, 2006

Soldiers or Not

With the recent Supreme Court decision, all that I have heard about it (as I haven't read all 264 pages of the drek they put out), it would seem to me that any Muslim in the US has suddenly become subject to the Geneva Convention!?!
We have Mohamed, who walks into a Jewish Delicatessan and attempt to rob the establishment. The owner pulls out a .44 Mag loaded with HOLLOW POINTS and proceeds to shoot the perpetrator.
Said perpetrator somehow survives and shows up it court and claims that he is Al Queda and was working for the cause and got shot with a HOLLOW POINT, which is illegal under the Supreme Court's interpretation of the Geneval Convention.
So what do we do now, let him off with damages for being a mistreated soldier in the jihad against America? Throw the storekeep in jail for violating the Convention and using ILLEGAL bullets?
When do we stop playing footsie in the middle of a war and get our shit together????

There ain't nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and road kill.

This isn't a war that's fought between two countries that signed the Geneva Convention. This is about one country trying to kill cockroaches who didn't sign the thing. As fas as I'm concerned, we shouldn't be bound by Geneva in this war. When the enemy starts strapping bombs to women and children, the gloves are off.

We need to be feeding the prisoners at Gitmo pork until they start telling us everything that we need to know.

Read Vince Flynn's MEMORIAL DAY sometime. Mitch Rapp knows how to deal with these situations.
I was under the impression that it was the Hague, not the Geneva, for hollowpoints.

But it doesn't matter - in either case, the shopkeeper is not a signatory to either accord, and thus isn't violating anything.
So the shopkeeper is an *illegal combatant!*
Well now. If the Gitmo detainees aren't entitled to a military trial or tribunal, it looks like they don't get any trial. It looks like we should just shoot them, and save the ACLU the money, as well as the taxpayer. Kerry won't have to flip-flop and we can buy better armor for the grunts in the warzone and up armor some of the Humvee's.
Hmmm, I don't think anyone shot with a .44 mag loaded with hollow points will show up anywhere but the morgue. A 9mm and they might sue, but not a .44 mag :)
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