Sunday, August 28, 2005


Rights, Rights, Rights

Everyone seems to have Rights (with a capital R).

Gun Rights
Property Rights
Abortion Rights/Right to choose
Right to Life
Right to Free Speech
Right to Happiness
Right to Drive
Right to smoke
Right to be free from second hand smoke
Right to Social Security
Right to Health Care
Right to have a job/Right to strike
Right to sexual preference in public.
No one seems to talk about the responsibilities and consequences that come about by exercising rights. Most people talking about rights are focusing on one important right. In this venue, I would put the gun rights people right in there with the abortion rights people - they are all "one right" people and voters. They have blinders on and consider the one right that they are obsessed with as the only right worth fighting for.
If you look at most rights on the table, they are rooted in PROPERTY RIGHTS.
Guns are property and the right to bear and own guns is based in property rights.
Abortion rights center around the property rights ("I own my own body") of the person exercising the option.
Life and your body are "property".
Speech, is to some extent property and the free use of speech can be reduced to exercising your property rights over your own words. (Much as libel and slander are violations of other peoples "property rights" - namely reputation).
Any number of other rights involve taking some kind of property (by means of taxes, societal consequences, condemnation and other devices).
The right to smoke (or not) involves how you dispose of your own property (namely your body - see Walter Williams on smoking).
Problem is, when you exercise your rights, there are consequences and responsibilities.
When you carry a gun, you assume the consequences of shooting the wrong person or an innocent bystander. You assume the responsibility of exercising that right with proper care and expertise. If you are unable to do this, you shouldn't carry a gun.
When you exercise the right of free speech, you must accept the consequences of exercising that right. If your employer or you investors or your blog advertisers don't like what you say, then you must accept the consequences or choose not to exercise the right of free speech.
You may lose money but possibly you may find more support from people that think and speak as you do. FIND NEW INVESTORS.

If you work for a company and choose to exercise your free speech rights, your gun rights, your sexual preference rights, you smoking rights, your right to strike and that company has a "culture" that frowns on those things, you must accept the consequences. You lose your job,
you are not hired in first place, your job disappears because the company closes and moves elswherel. FIND A NEW JOB.

In much the same way that the company is accepting the econmic consequences of their "culture" in possibly not hiring the most qualified people, in not keeping long term qualified people or in the socielal consequences (i.e. Walmart, Connoco, the European pizza shop that refused to serve French or German patrons, etc.). If you run a bar and you decide to make it non-smoking, you accept the consequences of smokers not patronizing your bar. If you make it a smoking establishement, you accept the consequences of non-smokers not patronizing your
Most corporations are "S" corps in the US. That means, that they are owned by PEOPLE, usually five or six. They create 80% of new jobs in the US. That big, bad corporation is "owned" by stockholders, who have put money into the company expecting a return on their investment.
If a corporation tries to exercise a right and the owners or stockholders are not willing to accept the consequences, the corporation will choose not to exercise that right. Corporations are not a fiction of the state, they are manifestations of the PEOPLE that own and operate
them and the competivie economies they operate in.
The NRA getting their panties in a twist over the Connoco situation is mis-placed. They are overlooking the fundamental of property rights. If the corporation does not want guns on their premises, they are perfectly justified in doing so. They must also accept the consequences
of not hiring well-qualified gun owners who are wearing blinders over their "gun rights" and choose not to work there. Working is not a right, if you choose to exercise your gun rights, don't work there. Conversely, if the NRA defends the gun rights of employees, how can they not
defend the rights of transgendered, transexuals, pedaphiles, convicted criminals, etc. to work there. They have rights too.
Same difference, no?
Gun rights are tied up with property rights and are inseparable. When you mess with one, you open the door to mess with the other.
In no case should the government be involved in the exercise of rights. They should not be able to steal (tax) to redistribute wealth. They should not condemn property for the sake of making more taxes. They should not ban guns. They should not be involved in abortion at
any level, that is a personal decision. They should not be involved in life issues (ala Schiavo). And on and on and on. I guess what it comes down to is that I am tired of people crying about their rights, or crying about the consequences of exercising their rights and looking to the government or the court system or their union to take responsibility or mitigate the consequences of their personal decisions.
The whole society needs to wake up and start acting like free, independent, self reliant and responsible citizens.

The Old Man

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Does this Bitch have an Editor?

Maureen Dowd is, bar none, the stupidest pundit in America. Her employment is a testament to the NY Times' affirmative action program. We need a bitch, any bitch.

Her editorial today is proof positive:

U.S. troop casualties in Iraq are at their highest levels since the invasion

I think it is the nature of armed conflict that casualty numbers rise. Last I heard, there was no sudden dip in the number of dead in a particular conflict.

Of course, the silly cow may mean that the daily count may be higher, but she would be wrong. Additionally, this would also make her a terrible writer, incapable of getting her point across in the language she was schooled in.

I think the latter explanation is the most likely.

What a stupid bitch.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The NRA Finally Pissed Me Off

Let me preface this post by saying that the Old Man has a more in-depth analysis of this forthcoming. Balance of rights, a priori, etc.

The NRA, who I wholeheartedly have supported in the past (my dues are paid til' 2011), has decided to go on some delusional Jihad against any private company that has a gun policy. Meaning companies that forbid firearms in vehicles while they are on the property.

PRIVATE COMPANY. Meaning they own the land, the building, and the fucking parking lot.

Now if there is any right I hold sacred, even before the first and second amendment, it is the right to property. It is never stated, but is implied by every ennumerated right. Without property rights, fuck all else matters.

We, collectively, own the property we do business on. Therefore, I have a gun. We also smoke, which would not be possible if we rented someone else's property.

Basically, if it's your shit, you can require that people wear tu-tu's before they are allowed on the property. That's because it's yours and you can set up any set of rules you want and anyone who doesn't comply with the posted warnings is a trespasser. And you know what you do with trespassers.

It's a razor's edge, but property rights (read Kelo) trump damn near any other, as the others wouldn't exist without the de facto assumption that your shit is your shit and you can do whatever the fuck you want to with it.

The fact that the NRA is wasting so much money on this, blows my mind. I got another letter from them today wanting money and a boycott of Conoco and Halliburton.

Go lobby Congress, LaPierrre. That is what you are marginally good at.

In the mean time, leave Constitutional law and the theory of rights to somebody who doesn't think duck hunting is an ennumerated right.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Top Ten Bad Guys - In Movies of All Time

A change of pace.
We were talking about the top ten movie bad guys of all time. So far, we have come up with:
Henry Fonda - Once Upon A Time in the West
Scorpio - Dirty Harry
Gantz - 48 Hours
Michael Madsen - Reservoir Dogs
Hannibal Lector - Manhunter (the original, not Anthony Hopkins)

We obviously need a little help from here.

The Old Man

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Helo shooting

Kirk and several other people have been on my ass to post about the helo shooting that occurred this week in Albuquerque. Some would have you think it was an "alleged" shooting.

While most people have consumed the pap published by the Associated Press and Reuters, the local stories are a bit more specific.

First off, I want to apologize to anyone who I piss off.

Secondly, there are several fine bloggers that have reacted to this like Ariel Sharon and Karl Rove cooked this whole kefuffle up when they met at the last PNAC get-together.

Head, whom I agree with 99% of the the time, seems to think this is a .50 BMG conspiracy. James at Hell in a Hellbasket lends some credence to the .50 BMG thing, but characterizes the incident as thus:

By any reasonable standard, this is a one-in-a-million

First off let me quote the local article, linked to above:

Albuquerque Police Department's helicopter, Air 1, is a
frequent target, but no bullets have ever connected, said Trish Hoffman, an APD
spokeswoman. "Unfortunately, there are people that choose to
do that," Hoffman said of shooting at law enforcement aircraft.

Some people call this sort of thing "blogswarm," but I just call it hysteria.

Obviously it was a relatively small caliber round (i.e. not a BMG.)

For those of you who do not live in New Mexico, let me explain APD tactics. In the past, the lone helicopter the cops have has landed at the Krispy Kreem (sic, like I give a shit) donut shop.

For a further explanation of helicopter tactics, I am going to reference an incident that occurred during my lost years. While attending the second semester of my only year of college, I lived in what is collectively known as "The War Zone." I was flunking out of college and determining whether someone actually could kill themselves with alcohol before the age of 25.

Needless to say, I had roomates. One of which was a real fuck-up. He owned 3 dogs he couldn't take care of and would freak the shit out of me when he came back from his 3-day meth binges. Of course, he was in a band.

So one night the band had a party. There were plenty of women, which was cool, but we only had one head. I stood in line for several minutes and decided that pissing outdoors would be more enjoyable and immensely quicker.

As I was peeing, one of my roomate's untrained dogs decided that it would be fun to jump around in streaming urine. The stupid do was running at my knob like it was a sprinkler on a hot summer day. Being the gentleman I am, I tried to avoid peeing on the dog, which involved all kinds of contortions.

Meanwhile, the Bat-phone was ringing. Someone had committed a heinous crime in the area, and officers were in hot pursuit. As you can imagine, it was probably some shirtless guy running on foot from the cops (There's a reason COPS, the TV show films here so much.)

SOP for the locals is to bring in the helicopter and start painting street after street with the search-light. This particular evening they happened upon me hobbling around a yard with my johnson in my hand, and a dog chasing my piss. This immediately took precedent over whatever savage act of crime that had been performed. I assumed they watched the entire saga while sipping coffee and laughing their asses off. Fair enough.

Point is, that's what local police do; they hover at a low elevation with an obvious light source hanging off the front end of their plane. This in a town where it's not surprising for someone to find their grandmother or kid dead on New Year's Day, because some asshole fired a .30-06 at the sky the night before.

The story also states that the landing took place from 400 FEET (not yards) above the ground. Now if that was the elevation it was hovering at, the realistic range is more like 140 yards with an upward trajectory. Given, it was night-time, but this guy didn't score a 2" group, he shot a giant-ass target at relatively close range.

For the record, whenever you see a news story from Albuquerque that goes national, just ignore it. It just proves what a bunch of incompetent assholes we are.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


In case you got the notion from the pictures that I am some master-gunsmith, let me make a couple of points.

This is my first attempt at detail stripping a rifle. There is a reason I chose the Springfield. It is a very simple gun.

Secondly, I think I re-installed the ejector backwards.

Re-assembled and lightly oiled. Posted by Picasa

Greasy ass bolt as it came And don't give me any shit about the turqois pipe cleaner; I scored them from a schoolteacher. Posted by Picasa

Reassembled and lightly oiled. A thing of beauty. Posted by Picasa

Gratuitous bore shot. Posted by Picasa

Exterior of the barrel shows no signs of wear on the finish. Posted by Picasa

Trigger assembly as it came. Posted by Picasa

Here's some before and after on the receiver and it's related parts. The rifling appears to be virgin. Posted by Picasa

Further CMP Obsession

This weekend was spent finally getting all the gallons and gallons of Cosmoline off of the Springfield 03'. Spent about 4 hours, a shitload of Hoppes, brake cleaner, and more paper towels than alloted, and finally got the fucker cleaned up.

And it looks good.

Pictures are posted above. The old man (being a furniture-maker) was tasked with the refinishing of the stock. First he used oven cleaner to take off the obvious outer coating. Next step was to stick in a trash bag and let the New Mexico sun sweat the rest of the shit out of the grain. Living in Albuquerque, this would seem to be easy; but, alas and alack, it was not. The first day he put it out, the sun disappeared. While we were shooting in 100+ degrees several weeks ago, you're lucky if it is hitting 90 now.

Ah well. It will get done...eventually.

Friday, August 05, 2005

On first inspection, action and sights appear to be in great condition, and there is a lot less Cosmoline than on the 1903A3. Posted by Picasa

Overview of the new Garand. Wood seems to be in good shape, although the rear upper handguard doesn't seem to match the rest of the furniture. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

CMP, AR's, and Benches

Received my second CMP rifle today; a re-issued Greek Garand that appears to be in better shape than me, even though it has about 30 years on my ass. Less Cosmoline than you encounter with the 1903's, which is nice, in that you can actually pick it up without the feeling of just being done with something dirty.

Pictures of the Garand will follow, as the Old Man is currently in custody.

Did the range last week. The new RRA lower was a breeze. The upper performed brilliantly.

Recently said, I have had some problems with the entry upper I own. In the previous post, the problem was the hammer going forward and nothing much else happening. That weekend I broke it down and found that the firing pin channel needed to be cleaned. No problem.

Flash forward to last Thursday. It fired great. But about the fifth magazine, the bolt carrier refused to go forward and lock. We came up with some zany theories as to why this was happening, but, alas, were ignorant.

One of the staked screws on the carrier pin broke, so the pin was just swinging. As the bolt went forward, the pin would swing and cause the bolt to stop.

Staked screws are nothing I really want to deal with so I won't. I'll eventually find a gunsmith who's comfortable with ARs (this might happen after Boomershoot 2007.) In the mean time, I don't give a rat's ass.

Additionally the bench is complete. My virgin .308 was produced last Sunday night. Pics of the bullet, from every angle, will be forthcoming.

As far as benches go, I can't beat OneInARow. He's back, finally, but with a vengeance. Check him out.

Also, Analog Kid is still extremely serious about postal matches. If you have the time, participate. It ain't an Olympic sport.

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