Saturday, August 20, 2005

Top Ten Bad Guys - In Movies of All Time

A change of pace.
We were talking about the top ten movie bad guys of all time. So far, we have come up with:
Henry Fonda - Once Upon A Time in the West
Scorpio - Dirty Harry
Gantz - 48 Hours
Michael Madsen - Reservoir Dogs
Hannibal Lector - Manhunter (the original, not Anthony Hopkins)

We obviously need a little help from here.

The Old Man

How about Dennis Ferina in Midnight Run (perhaps one of the most underrated comedies of all time)? Maybe Gary Oldman in The Professional (he's got some great lines, and creepy to boot). There is always Darth Vader...who can shake a stick at him?

Just my two cents.
I would have to say....

1) Basil Rathbone from The Mark of Zorro.

2) Kevin Spacey in Se7en.

3) James Cromwell in LA Confidential.

4) Ralph Fiennes as a Nazi in Scindler's List.

5) Christopher Lee as Saruman in all The Lord of the Rings movies.

6) Peter Cushing in Star Wars.

7) Alan Rickman in Die Hard.

8) Rutger Hauer in BLade Runner

9) Gary Oldman in The Professional.

10) Robert Mitchum in the original 1962 version of Cape Fear.
Kevin Spacey in The usual suspects
Hands down,Tony Montana, Scarface.
Bruce Willis in Hostage?
The "brother' of Cary Grant in Arsenic and old Lace, who along with his plastic surgeon Peter Lorre (high ick factor) make for a delightfully evil pair.
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