Sunday, July 24, 2005

AR Problems

Went to the range last week. It was an OK day that ended on a somewhat shitty note. The old man ripped his elbow by trying to bench on bare concrete. The results aren't pretty.

I have had a 14" upper AR receiver for the last 16 months. The former owner was somewhat remiss in maintaining it. I cleaned it up and took it out for a function test. Good went to great when the old man started gonging the sonofabitch 9 out of ten at 200 yards.

Of course then it stopped. No fire. No indentation on the primer. Nothing.

I broke it apart this weekend, and the firing pin is intact (my first instinct being that it had cracked after so may years of disuse.)

The only other thing I can think of, is that the channel is obstructed.

Thankfully, my mother is getting me some pipe-cleaners tomorrow.

After that, I'm lost.

Assuming that the hammer is actually falling when you press the trigger you have several possibilities:
- the firing pin is broken and is too short to reach the primer
-the firing pin is stuck and can't reach the primer
-the hammer is not falling all the way onto the firing pin..possible debris in the trigger group
-the bolt is not locked closed..possible debris in the locking lugs

Check those things and report back. We'll keep trying until we figure it out.

It's good to hear from you. I thought you may have utterly sank in summetime doldrums.

I removed the bolt carrier and inspected the firing pin. It's damn near brand new. Tonight I reamed the channel with several pipe cleaners to clear any obstructions.

The hammer in the lower is falling as it always does. The forward assist was never necessary to lock the bolt.

Will report after the next range day.

Good to hear from you,

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