Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Does this Bitch have an Editor?

Maureen Dowd is, bar none, the stupidest pundit in America. Her employment is a testament to the NY Times' affirmative action program. We need a bitch, any bitch.

Her editorial today is proof positive:

U.S. troop casualties in Iraq are at their highest levels since the invasion

I think it is the nature of armed conflict that casualty numbers rise. Last I heard, there was no sudden dip in the number of dead in a particular conflict.

Of course, the silly cow may mean that the daily count may be higher, but she would be wrong. Additionally, this would also make her a terrible writer, incapable of getting her point across in the language she was schooled in.

I think the latter explanation is the most likely.

What a stupid bitch.

Hmmm... speaking of stupid, it seems pretty clear from the use of the word "levels" that Dowd is speaking of RATES of casualties -- e.g. five the first week, six the second week, seven the third -- not GROSS casualties.

Do you have an editor?
Hey anonymous - a LEVEL is a LEVEL. not a rate. If that is what they mean, why don't they say it? I'll answer: the reason is that Dowd is a dope.

I have analyzed the fatality data, month by month, and even week by week. Unfortunately for the young men and women fighting there, a typical pattern is being followed. The smart folks predicted this uptick, and I wrote about that prediction back in July. Fatalities will generally rise to, and above, about 24 per week (close to the rate this month, as of 8/24/2005), whenever there is something al-Qaeda does not like: the initial invasion, its one-year anniversary, the elections, and now the writing of the constitution. I know this is a bit TOO MUCH DETAIL for the average leftist or Democrat, but its OK, you can read it REAL SLOW.

Further, I have lots of remedial stuff posted over at my blog, if you really need a crash course.

BTW, great post Benjamin. Accurate and on the money.

Thank you for the valiant defense Individ.

While I don't crunch the numbers as well as you do, I think if you read the entire post I posit the likelihood of her saying what that anonymous prick is pointing out.

My main point is, Dowd gets paid a lot of money to write and can't express her thoughts coherently in writing.

True, I don't have an editor, but nobody pays me for this shit either.
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