Sunday, August 07, 2005

Further CMP Obsession

This weekend was spent finally getting all the gallons and gallons of Cosmoline off of the Springfield 03'. Spent about 4 hours, a shitload of Hoppes, brake cleaner, and more paper towels than alloted, and finally got the fucker cleaned up.

And it looks good.

Pictures are posted above. The old man (being a furniture-maker) was tasked with the refinishing of the stock. First he used oven cleaner to take off the obvious outer coating. Next step was to stick in a trash bag and let the New Mexico sun sweat the rest of the shit out of the grain. Living in Albuquerque, this would seem to be easy; but, alas and alack, it was not. The first day he put it out, the sun disappeared. While we were shooting in 100+ degrees several weeks ago, you're lucky if it is hitting 90 now.

Ah well. It will get done...eventually.

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