Wednesday, August 03, 2005

CMP, AR's, and Benches

Received my second CMP rifle today; a re-issued Greek Garand that appears to be in better shape than me, even though it has about 30 years on my ass. Less Cosmoline than you encounter with the 1903's, which is nice, in that you can actually pick it up without the feeling of just being done with something dirty.

Pictures of the Garand will follow, as the Old Man is currently in custody.

Did the range last week. The new RRA lower was a breeze. The upper performed brilliantly.

Recently said, I have had some problems with the entry upper I own. In the previous post, the problem was the hammer going forward and nothing much else happening. That weekend I broke it down and found that the firing pin channel needed to be cleaned. No problem.

Flash forward to last Thursday. It fired great. But about the fifth magazine, the bolt carrier refused to go forward and lock. We came up with some zany theories as to why this was happening, but, alas, were ignorant.

One of the staked screws on the carrier pin broke, so the pin was just swinging. As the bolt went forward, the pin would swing and cause the bolt to stop.

Staked screws are nothing I really want to deal with so I won't. I'll eventually find a gunsmith who's comfortable with ARs (this might happen after Boomershoot 2007.) In the mean time, I don't give a rat's ass.

Additionally the bench is complete. My virgin .308 was produced last Sunday night. Pics of the bullet, from every angle, will be forthcoming.

As far as benches go, I can't beat OneInARow. He's back, finally, but with a vengeance. Check him out.

Also, Analog Kid is still extremely serious about postal matches. If you have the time, participate. It ain't an Olympic sport.

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