Thursday, June 09, 2005

.270 Range Day

Brought her out today and she performed better than I imagined. It took twenty minutes and we had a rough zero. At 200 yards, the groups were a bit off, due to the wind, but they were still pretty tight groups. Next up is doing the tunnel to gain the "no-wind zero."

At the start, I was trying to pull barrel break-in. I've attempted this before, but always break down and shoot by the 10th cleaning, or whatever. I know people who are die-hard about this and others that think barrel break-in is a joke. Ask an old-timer at the range what he thinks and he'll tell you you're fucking nuts.

I continue to fall in love with this cartridge. It's not exactly a lighter recoil than a .30-cal, it's just a trimmer, more aerodynamic cartridge, it seems to me.

The velocity also seems to be advantageous for a bullet that weight.

I've got several targets I'll post, once my lazy ass can actually walk downstairs and get them.

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