Thursday, June 23, 2005



Where criminals have more rights than victims.

Where soldiers are criminals and criminals are saints.

Where the courts can take your life.

Where your local city can take your property.

Where Democrats dont have to apologize for anything, but republicans must and resign.

Where "Runaway Brides" and black (white?) faggots and squealers make multimillion dollar book deals and normal people get screwed.

Where movies are crap and make millions of dollars.

Where the president is bad and losers are automatically good.

Where animals are more litigated over than people.

Where Muslims are protected but Christians are discriminated against.

Where the Koran in Gitmo is more sacred than the Bible in court.

Where homosexuals are dominating our education system.

Where illegal immigrants have more "rights" than citizens.

Where sex offenders live normal lives (while living across the street from the elementary school).

Where crime stats go up and education goes down.

Where the courts rule and the people do not.

Where lawyers represent 4% of the gross national product and produce no tangible product.

Where teachers abuse and parents recluse.

Where "no child left behind" means they all are.

Where mothers have disappeared (they all have to work, allegedgly).

Where kids have disappeared off the streets because they have to play video games.

Where people like Pelosi, Byrd, Kennedy, Leahy, Durbin, Reid, Kerry, McCain, Boxer, Feinstein, Clinton, Schumer can get RE-ELECTED!

What happened, where did we lose it, and what can be done about it now?

The Old Man

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