Sunday, June 05, 2005

Winchester .270 update

I finally successfully mounted a scope to the Win 70. Originally this was intended to be a back-up rifle for Boomershoot, however it was purchased on such short notice, I found my self with not enough time to ready the rifle and myself, and decided that trigger-time on the .30-06 was more important. As such, the rifle just sat there for awhile, as I have been shooting pistol for a change of pace, since I returned from Idaho.

In a weird move, I mounted a Leupold VX-III with a Boone and Crockett reticle:


As opposed to the mil-dot scope I have been familiarizing myself with:

The B&C is an indexed, mid- to long range scope, that seems to have both advantages and disadvantages. It's maximum range seems to be well below 700 yards and it's probably going to be hard to customize to a specific load. On the other hand, it seems to be much more instinctive than the mil-dot. I'm looking forward to firing it.

Additionally, the more I read about the .270 round, the more enamored I am by it. It seems to be close to the 6.8mm SPC (which, from what I've read, is pretty close to the British .280 that NATO wanted to standarize on instead of the 5.56mm), but the ballistic capabilities look to be better. It's not that popular, or widely produced but Sierra makes a Boat-Tail Hollow-Point match bullet in that caliber, so it can't suck completely.

The mil-dot, which is my reticle of choice, is much more versatile as far as ballistics it can accommodate (i.e. any) and is multi-purpose as far as ranging, wind-holds, elevation-holds, and leading moving targets.

I'm looking forward to getting a broad zero on the scope at 100 yards and then trying 200. After that I will dial in the no-wind zero at the tunnel range and should be good for the 600 yard range.

The old man has a firearm showing up (pics and details to follow) and we will probably be doing this with both rifles in tandem. His will be a mil-dot though.

Not much rage for the weekend, heh?

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