Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Boomershoot Rifle for the Old Man

The old man ordered this rifle before Boomershoot; back in April.

It finally showed up on Thursday. I had the Mid-Range M4 Tactical Leupold a month and a half ago. I had the mounting hardware, the rings, a lapping tool Kirk was kind enough to loan me, and high quality Leupold rings. I've been chomping at the bit to get my hands on the rifle.

It finally showed up on Thursday at 4:00 PM. I had the scope mounted by 2:30 on Friday. The rings were lapped, the reticle straight, and the old man was going crazy to shoot it.

The rifle is a Remington 700 Classic chambered in .308. This is the last year Remington is doing the Classic line (which is the old action, no child safety internal locks, and is just a clean, sweet looking rifle.)

Today was our first range day with it. Normally range day is Thursday, but we made an exception because of the new arrival. We also had the new Kowa spotting scope, which meant I didn't need to hang paper every 15 minutes, I just sat on my ass and called shots.

Due to the precise skills of the gent who mounted scope, almost no windage adjustment was needed. The elevation needed about 4 inches of adjustment and the fucker was dead on.

We fucked around with some Federal Match 168 gr. BTHP and then tried out some Aussie surplus, which seemed to perform almost as well as the match.

He was sighting utilizing only a front bipod with no rest.

It rained for a bit and we had to wait it out. Then he pulled a pretty fucking sweet group utilizing the equipment he had.

All in all a good range day and I think the old man's Boomershoot rifle should do the trick.

Did you try the black hills match???

Nice to see you posting again....

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