Monday, July 06, 2009

CCW Insurance

Admittedly, even since my announced comeback, posting has been erratic at best.

We've bought few new firearms. We did do a 2-day Tactical Rifle course the week before last. A full AAR will follow in due course.

Part of the reason the last few months have been so hectic is that we've been finalizing a CCW Insurance Program. The Old Man has been busting ass for the last 5 years to sell this product to someone at Lloyd's. They're Englishmen, for Christ's sake. It's like selling Kryptonite to Superman.

Anyway, it came together and was effective 07/01.

It has everything the NRA personal policy lacks. You can read how broad the coverage is by reading the actual policy language here. For now, we're writing in NM, CO, and AZ. TX will follow shortly, as soon as the paperwork bullshit is done.

I think that coverage for civil charges my HO or personal liability will cover any presumed lawful incidences with a firearm.

What may be more useful is a policy that covers the criminal defense legal expenses when charged with DOP or illegal carry in wrong place.
Your homeowners insurance specifically excludes any "intentional act." I think most judges, juries, and homeowners carriers would construe pulling a trigger as an "intentional act." So you're on the hook for civil defense expense.

Secondly, your homeowners will definitely not reimburse you for any criminal defense.

Just read your policy. It's in black and white.

I don't know what DOP means. And if you carry illegally, you're just a dumbass.

Good luck, pal.
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