Sunday, July 12, 2009


The last rifle the Old Man purchased was a Romanian manufactured Dragunov.

Needless to say, it had the bog standard Eastern Bloc furniture with a shitty wood finish. We didn't take before pictures. The Old Man does furniture and I have no idea how he refinished the wood.

It's a bit of a weird rifle. The thumbhole stock is a lot shorter than what you consider necessary for any kind of sniper rifle. It also has a metal butt-plate, which can hurt like all hell.

The other strange feature is the scope. I believe it is a 3x Commie scope. Originally, they were tritium illuminated, but that burned out a long time ago. It also has some weird Ivan ranging system built into the reticle that we haven't figured out yet.
If you look at the picture, the scope appears to be enormously long, and not afford enough eye relief.
In reality, about two inches on the rear of the scope is a gasket or rubber extension. This ensures that you do not need to train people about eye relief, length of pull, etc., as the rubber eyepiece guarantees you're not going to get popped.
The best feature of this rifle is the ammo. As can be seen, the 7.62 X 54R has remained relatively cheap as compared to any other .30 comparable cartridge. I keep telling the Old Man to stock up on this shit, because who knows how long it will last.
The rifle was purchased from J&G Sales, and they didn't fuck around with it. The whole process took about 10 days, once they had the rifles in stock.

Nice toy. I have a Chinese NDM-86. The scope you have is a 4x. The reticule is a pain in the butt to figure out but once you do, it's pretty handy.

The T-shaped area is what you normally use. for less than 1000 m, keep the top vertical chevron lined up w/ the horizontal line.

The funky upward sloping curve in the lower left is a ranging device for an avg man sized target.

Best bet would be to pick up an operating manual. They have good instructions on the use of the scope.
There is a comparison of the PSL to the Dragunov it's a good read.
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