Sunday, July 19, 2009

Your Homeowners Policy Does Not Cover Shooting People

Ever since this program was introduced, and linked to by Joe, SayUncle, and Gator (all of whom threw it out there as an interesting concept, without qualification), there have been some occluded conversations about the nature of this policy in certain circles. I hope this post serves to rectify the misunderstanding that seems to be abounding.

A) "Intentional Acts." A standard homeowners policy or umbrella excludes all intentional acts, without exception. If you think a court or a jury of your peers will not view the decision to pull a trigger, whether inside your home or without, as an "intentional act," you are deluded. Your homeowners policy, essentially, provides no coverage. If it is a high profile case or there are other extenuating circumstances, they may choose to defend you under a "reservation of rights."

B) "Criminal Defense Reimbursement." This coverage doesn’t exist under any homeowners policy. But, according to all of the experts on the intertubes, District Attorneys are inherently a fair-minded crowd, who would never prosecute you for, what in your mind was, a justified shooting.

Also, if you want to call me a fraud or a scam-artist, have the balls to do it to my goddamn face.

Maybe you can help me, because I don't see the benefit of this policy. If there really was a need for "concealed carry insurance", why wouldn't any of the major players in the game be into it? There are hundreds of thousands of people with CCW licenses across the country, but Liberty Mutual, American Family, et al don't offer a policy like this.

The statistical odds of ever having to use a gun defensively are like 0.05%, and negligent discharges would be covered by a homeowner's or an umbrella policy, so I'm having a hard time seeing exactly why I should spend money on this policy. Speaking of which, how much is this policy? What's the annual premium?
Luke, I don't think I can help you.

Standard insurance carriers don't write weird shit with no history. They like crap that they can figure out. American Family doesn't write hull insurance, for Christ's sake. Does Liberty Mutual offer "terrorism" coverage? Think before speaking, friend.

What are the chances of your home burning? Maybe 0.05%? But you still pay for homeowners insurance.

Who gives a fuck about negligent discharges? This coverage is for SHOOTING PEOPLE.

"How much is this policy. What's the annual premium?"

If you could read, asshole, it's all on the website.

Try some phonics classes and don't waste my time.

One last thing: if you never think you're going to have to defend yourself, why do you carry a gun?

Anyway, thank you for the insightful commentary, Luke.
If your langauge is representative of the type of service that backs this policy, it's no wonder you're having a hard time selling it.

I mean, aside from the fact that you're writing a basically worthless policy.

Thanks for the fun!
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