Thursday, August 30, 2007

Range Report

Just because we haven't been blogging doesn't mean we haven't been shooting or scoring.

We got out this afternoon in anticipation of the Whittington thing. We brought 3 rifles, but ended up only shooting the M-40. We ran handloaded match 168 grain and 175 grain (both Sierra.) Both were flawless. Based on advice I've received lately, the 175 is better for long distance. My experience today did not back that theory.

In addition, we shot Aussie, South African, and Lake City rounds (all 147 grain.) The Aussie did great, as it has consistently shown in both bolts and sem-autos. The SA seemed to be a little hotter, but wouldn't extract. Lake City was acceptable, but nowhere near where the Aussie was.

All were accurate, but that's not a reflection on the cartridge; more the gun.

I've broken down and started loading for a single gun. I like chamber-blown Federal Gold Match and then I can load it for the rifle in question.

The Creedmoor spotting stand is something I should have bought years ago. It is stable and has adjustment knobs you won't find on standard tripods.

More to follow.

Just dropping you a note to let you know of a new blog that might be of interest to you. If you have time give suggestions on how I can make it better.

thank you
M.D. Creekmore
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