Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The rifle I referenced in the previous post, is an M-40 Marine Sniper rifle. Remington did a limited run of about a thousand, (not that there are that many originals.) It was weird, in that they didn't advertise this, even on their website's "Special Edition" spot.

The Old Man found one. It is .308, with a huge barrel, and a steel butt-plate. The box it came in is probably a collector's item and we tried to stay true to the spirit by mounting a Zeiss 3-9x scope (with Army mils, but you can't have everything.)

Hopefully, trial run should be tomorrow, unless there are 25 mph crosswinds. No point in sighting in those conditions.

Regardless, I'm shooting something tomorrow.

where do you shoot? slough, kingsbury or elsewhere?
I'm afraid you're mistaken, my friend. The M40 is a reference to a revered American service rifle, not a road project in Britain.

Additionally, the shooting you, may or may not be referencing, occurred between Gaydon and Warwick.

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