Sunday, July 01, 2007

Enfield refinish

About a year ago, the Old Man bought an Enfield for about $160 from Big 5 Sports. It was consistently a great shooter, even though it was the cheapest rifle we've ever bought. As such, there was some knashing of teeth on how much money should be spent refurbishing it. Finally, it was decided that such a good shooter could not be left to degenerate further and we shipped it to Dean's Gun Restoration. Following are the results.

If you have the means and an old military rifle that shoots like a motherfucker, I can't recommend Dean's enough. Fair price for some really awesome craftsmanship.

Point 1: Please define "shoots like a motherfucker" in minutes-of-angle.

Point 2: Using what ammo?

Point 3: Did it come with that adjustable aperture sight? That sight alone is worth $160!

"Shoots like a motherfucker" means about 3 to 4 MOA with our shitty eyes.

My own loads. Who elses?

The Parker-Hale sight was something I failed to mention in the post. Somebody in Shotgun News had about a hundred of them and we had a local gunsmith install it, before it was shipped to DGR.

Nice looking wood and metal work, but did they forget to refinish the magazine?

You are entirely right. That is a beat to shit magazine that managages to function. We've never bought more magazines, we just treat it like a top-loading bolt.

I might look for a decent looking magazine just to complete the picture. If not, the magazine seems fine, for now.

Best regards,

First rifle I ever bought (not all that long ago, I'm a latecomer to rifle shooting) was an Enfield No. 4 Mk.1 from Big 5...and it's fully as accurate as the vaunted Swedish Mauser I bought from a collector...and both of them outshoot any other of my long guns...meaning I can hit any target I can see (with my eyes that's really not saying much), ... both guns are more accurate than the shooter.
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