Sunday, September 17, 2006

Range Report Part I

Bought the Enfield a couple of weeks ago. Believe it or not, we scored it from Big 5 Sporting Goods for about $150. It is a "Lend-Lease" rifle and was most likely produced between 42' and '44.

Got it out the range with some normal, crap commercial rounds. It performed well above an expectation.

To begin with, the bore was black. It took the Old Man 3 days and untold amounts of reaming to get the fucking bore clean.

On top of that, we've yet to take it down all the way and clean out the Cosmoline.

These are before pictures.

It shot fucking great though. We were on at 300 yards and dancing around the steel at 600. Our plan is to accurize a load for the fucker. To date, the best I've seen is the Hornady Spitzer.

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