Sunday, May 13, 2007

Range Report w/ Sights Bitch

We made it out on Thursday. Good day all around, but before I get into details I need to bitch.

I brought out the Carry Gun (that's what it is called, it is actually a Colt XSE) and I intended to do a 300 round workout. I wasn't working on marksmanship, I was working on handling. Well 3 magazines into it, the fucking back sight came loose. No I didn't have the right Allen wrench and no I couldn't improvise; so it was useless to shoot it.

I'm not limiting it to the Colt, although I've yet to own a Colt that came out of the box with reliable sights. It seems most companies don't really give a shit about sights, at least on a civilian level. We've beat pins, loc-tited screws, and stippled dovetails. We've corrected most of them, but anything purchased in the last year is subject to scrutiny. The kind of scrutiny where one might question if you would bet your life on this gun.

It pisses me off that the civilian market is held in such contempt. Yes, we are not a big government contract and, yes, a lot of us wouldn't recognize the flaw if we owned the gun for 30 years. But some of us actually try to educate ourselves and know we're not hitting shit because the manufacterer refused to pay due attention to sight quality and installation (I'm especially talking about Colt.)

As such, I shot the carry for about 10 minutes. After that I shot my Glock 17 which worked the same way it always does. Reliable, but not a lot of fun to shoot.

My Old Man brought out the Model 29 and the Model 25-2; both of which were a lot of fun. The 25 was basically sighted in and he practiced double action shots, the idea being that a short, depressed man in sunglasses is not going to give you time to cock the fucking thing. His groups were good enough for me. Last time, it was about a 4 or 5" group at 12 yards. That should do the trick.

Also, I've taken to shooting at steel, whether the practice is rifle or pistol. I set up an 8" gong at 20 yards or so, and just practiced presentation and mostly reloads. Of course I was pissed off about the Carry sight, but blowing through 10 Glock magazines is a bit of a salve.

Finally, I scored the Carry sight when I sighted it in. As such, it was a matter of loc-titeing(?) the set screw into it. Hopefully that does the trick.

In other news, I bought the same gun Xavier did (the SW1911PD) and performed a lesser review than he puts out. I still don't understand the pinned extractor, but then I'm old school.

It always amazes me when anything falls off of a firearm, especially one that is used for self defense. I guess it is better discovered while at the range, but heck, it just should not happen at all. Hopefully it will be just a quick fix for you.

All the best,
Glenn B
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