Monday, March 05, 2007

Took the leap...

And bought a S&W 1911. I've been warned off the new designs because they have not undergone sufficient market scrutiny.

I've had a SIG obsession for a couple of years, but after Christmas, my brother bought one. It's a nice gun but differs not at all from other Euro-de-cocking pistols. I've never strayed from Colt and Springfield as far as 1911s go, but I was looking pretty hard at the SIG or a Kimber.

Picked the Smith up from the FFL today.

It's a full frame, with ambidextrous thumb safeties and a memory bumb grip safety. Grips are rubber and it's a pretty comprehensive beaver-tail scoop. The trigger has a bit of over-travel, but feels good outside of that.

The extractor is what weirded me out.

It's an exterior extractor. It doesn't even show up on the back of the slide.

The only thing that really worries me about this is that the extractor is not held at the back of the slide. Instead, it appears to be pinned halfway up to the ejection port. In my experience, pins in this area have a tendency to loosen or just plain abandon ship.

Obviously, the mounting rail made a difference in my choice. On the other end, I was pleased to find it fits a standard holster, even with the rail.

Range day should be Wednesday or Thursday and a full review will be up after that.

I have a feeling you are going to be very pleasantly surprised by this pistol..........
The exatractor on that S&W is the same type Kimber went with a few years ago. I've heard it called a "HiPower" type and a "Euro Style" extractor. My PPKs and CZ's have done fine with them, though they're not attempting to pull out a casing of the size the .45ACP uses.

Kimber's extractor mod was a flop, but that was mostly because Kimber was in "Hear No Malf, See No Malf" mode and screwed everyone who was sending their's back.

Let's hope for better from S&W.

I just bought the same gun in stainless about a month ago. I love it. Haven't found a holster yet but it is a tack driver and has already bagged a couple pepe la pew's.
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