Saturday, April 07, 2007

Condition 1 Carry, Reconsidered

In the past, I've made arguments for carrying in this way and so have others. Thus far, I have run into 2 mitigating circumstances; one personal and one professional.

First, the personal. In NM, where I reside, even with a CCH, it is illegal to carry a loaded firearm if there is even the slightest tinge of alcohol in your blood. Hell, I'm so freaked out about cops, I won't drive after using mouthwash. Nonetheless, it is legal to carry an empty pistol, regardless of your condition (and when I beat my wife while I'm drunk, I usually use my fists, but they haven't regulated my hands yet.)* So if I'm walking to my parents house to have a couple of beers, I keep the 1911 cocked, but without a magazine. Being able to perform a speed-load will help in this case, because it is far easier to rack the slide when the hammer is already back.

Second, I'm an insurance adjuster by trade. I climb roofs. Sometimes, the wind blows down your ladder or people make you use a dubious method to gain access to their roof. In both cases, I tend to just jump off of the roof. Land, don't lock knees, and roll. Easy-peasy. This happened the other week and I started thinking about gravitational effects on the firing pin. I concluded that, if I want to do my "land and roll" routine, Condition 1 is not safe.

In conclusion, while I'm an advocate, it doesn't work all of the time if you drink beer or have a job.

*I'm joking. I don't have a wife and if I did I would use a bat.

Well, a series 80 style pistol (such as a kimber anything II) will be fine with the jump as the firing pin is blocked.

Second, any 1911 in proper condition will be fine. The thing is, is that the firing pin is very light, and hence doesn't have the inertia after you land to carry it forward against the firing pin spring.
Wouldn't the bat bite?

You've gotta stick the bat in the freezer for a couple hours before attempting this.
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