Sunday, October 29, 2006

Deliberate Carry Purchase

This pistol is my first purchase since being issued a concealed-carry license. Since then, I am a thorough 1911 convert, formerly being a firm Glock believer. Kevin has made arguments against the safety of Condition 1 and Chris has posted the opposite.

I don't think anyone would carry a 1911 except in Condition 1. When you bring it to half-cock, one eliminates a safety.

In any case, my father's opinion is that a carry weapon should be stock without modification. Even Southpaw mods would draw legal attention that would not have been necessary, in the event that actions are discussed legally.

As such, I tried to choose this pistol on its out of the box state. For awhile I was considering a Sig 1911 or a S&W 1911. After speaking with an ex-Marine, I decided on a Colt. The man advised that untested models (like they haven't been around for 25 years) he would consider unreliable. Therefor, look at a Springfield or a Colt.

To be frank, I have come to hate Springfield after trying to remove their Internal Locking System. I spent two weeks trying to figure this shit out while my father's GI was in pieces in a plastic bucket.

In any case, I decided to go with Colt, even though they really pissed me off with AR shit, because I own 2 and have never been disappointed.

It should make it to the range this week and a full report on the pistol will follow.

If you want to see Colt's shitty website, here's the closest thing I could find.

Colt XSE Posted by Picasa

There are two ways to remove the ILS. One, change the mainspring, spring piston, and spring end.

Two, change the mainspring housing to a standard housing.
Oh, and the SW1911 is about the best factory out of the box 1911 made.

The only better factory models are the semi-customs from Springfield, Kimber, Baer, Wilson and STI.
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