Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Hmong Tragedy

I hadn't heard about the new Hmong hunting incident until I got my copy of US News & World Report last week and a couple quiet moments in the can to contemplate the story. I didn't make a judgement.

However, this would explain the recent upsurge in nasty, illiterate comments on my posts of several years ago about the Chai Vang incident (this dude's name is Cha Vang.)

Link to the new Vang is here. Details of this one are very murky as it was two guys squirrel hunting. A trailer dude's story against a dead guy.

I will comment that I do not understand why we are issuing any kind of hunting licenses to people who don't speak English, as his wife has claimed. I believe one of the linchpins of safety is the ability to communicate quickly. Once reason I don't like shooting with deaf guys on a range, is they never hear the "cease-fire" command.

The posts from several years ago with all the new "Die Whitey" commentary is here.

I live in the general area where this happened,and EVERYONE is asking why,if this guy could'nt speak english,what was he doing in a woods full of armed men
Valuable resource of Hmong news summaries...
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