Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Competition Pistol Course

I've never really been a pistol shooter. After I got into rifles and Boomershoot, they always seemed like good plinking guns or defense at 3 feet. Lately, my obsession with 1911's and their utility and accuracy have gotten the best of me.

The gentleman I referred to in a recent post is hosting a competition/self-defense class. I would describe it differently, but have gotten into trouble by reinterpreting course names before (it's not "sniper," it's "long range precision target shooting.")

It is a full two days and I will be taking off work Thursday and Friday. I purchased a combat holster along with a magazine carrier and the requisite 1,000 rounds of factory ammo. I'll post pics of the 1911s I'm taking.

This is my first endeavour into any kind of trained pistol shooting. The instructor (adjunct Gunsite instructor) definitely has his shit together; I guess the question is "Do I?"

Heck yes.

I've wanted to go to Thunder Ranch for years. And I'll get there one of these days. Or some other tactical pistol school, like Gunsite. So if you've got access to somebody from Gunsite, you're crazy if you pass it up.

The fact is, if we ever use a gun in a life or death situation, it's probably going to be a pistol. So it behooves all of us who carry to learn to use the things as best we can. That means talking and training with the pros.

I'm curious, though. I've been waffling on the 1911 and carrying in Condition One. Let me know what they think about the proper way to carry a 1911. I'm getting more and more convinced this is the best handgun out there, pound for pound. I'm just somewhat concerned about carrying with the hammer back.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about it all.
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