Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Springfield GI Report

Took the Springfield GI out to sight in. The Commander went with and also got sighted. The back sight on the Commander had come loose about a year ago and, given the quality of gunsmiths in this town, had not been attended to.

Recently got a reference to an ex-Marine who does anti-terror training overseas. He's also an adjunct Gunsite instructor. This guy is not a gunsmith, per-se, but has rigged enough stuff to know what works. He re-drifted the rear sight on the Commander.

Total, we got to spend about thirty minutes sighting in. Reasons being that are listed in the next post. The Commander grouped alright, but this was the best I did with the GI. You'll notice I'm no pistol champ, as one was off paper and one was outside the ring. For me, this is stellar pistol shooting.

30 foot group. Posted by Picasa

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