Sunday, March 05, 2006

New Non-Firearm Purchase

For several reasons, I've been looking at purchasing a 2-way radio for the last year. I finally took the plunge last week and scored a Garmin Rino 120.

First reason being, we actually have a military-style range at the club, with pits and all that. Obviously, the only way to utilize this facility safely is with 2-way communications.

The second reason being, I'd like to be able to clock "cease-fire"s and whatnot at actual shoots.

The deciding reason had to do with my last quail hunt of the year. A buddy and I went quail hunting in Southern New Mexico just several days after the Cheney shooting. We were hunting late in the season, as was the Vice President, probably, like us, just looking to get in that one last hunt. My buddy actually negotiated Valentine's Day with his wife so we could shoot and then clean birds and order pizza in the evening.

As with any hunt, there was plenty of shooting, but also plenty of time for bullshitting. As this was the last, we began to discuss next season. As I am relatively unexperienced, I was questioning him on seasons as a whole. Unsurprisingly, there are more birds, hunters, and even members of your own party at the beginning of the season.

They inaugurate the season on Thanksgiving weekend and their party usually consists of five walkers and a couple of teenagers on 4-wheelers. The teenagers call out new coveys over the radio and then the old fuckers ride over in vehicles to flush the birds out.

My guide advised that GPS-equipped radios help out a lot. You know where everyone is at, and if Mr. Whittington falls behind, you can see where his 78 year old ass is on the GPS and try to avoid shooting quail running in his direction.

This final reason was the one that prompted my choice of the Garmin.

Additionally, GPS would greatly lend to my job sometimes when I'm out in the sticks and my directions to a particular location include things like "the red mail box on your left," or "the road kind of twists."

Last time I looked at GPS must have been five years ago, and the price was needlessly prohibitive. I scored this 2-way with GPS for $250. I'm pleased.

Is that the one that lets you transmit your position to another like unit???
Yeah. It's the middle of the road model. You can spend as much as you want on one of these.
I have the same radios, Ben. Unfortunately, the radio section of the unit doesn't work nearly as well as my Motorla talkabouts. I've been pretty disappointed in the transmitter performance. On the other hand, the GPS works great-as you'd expect from Garmin. Get the downloadable maps; well worth it.

See you at Boomershoot! My partner and I are the guys with the green shelter from last year. I shoot the M1A NM with the leopard frog paint job.

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