Sunday, February 26, 2006

Boomershoot Prep/Range Report

Given the amount of guests we've had to the range recently, it's been hard to focus on Boomershoot. That changed Thursday.

We brought out the .300 WSM Browning and the M14. Both of these rifles have been back benchers since the beginning. After a time, they seem to have become primary. Therefore, we transferred the high-power M4 Leupold scopes over to them from the bolt .308s.

Both grouped well at 400 meters and we plan on some paper next time, as well as some 600 meter action on painted steel.

We're down to 60 days now, and I don't feel ready, not that you ever do.

We also sighted in the new AR stubby with the reflex sight. That is going to be my clean-up gun. Last year at Boomershoot, all I was carrying was a .30-06 rifle. I held off going out on clean-up duty because I didn't want to lug the fucking thing out there and figured it would be short of shot and long on sight.

Clean-up wise, the Old Man is bringing his M1 carbine and I'm bringing the stubby AR.

Other than that, we are trying to list our last minute needs before the last minute and figuring out what I could improve on from last year (ask Kirk about camp chairs.)

By the way, is DuToit begging yet for gas money to get to Idaho? Or a new business? Because we all take advice from a man who can't actually balance a checkbook.

I probably won't be going to boomershoot as I don't have enough brass to reload for the event... ;)
The check is in the mail, brother.

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