Sunday, January 15, 2006

Boomershoot Rifle

This has been a hard subject for me. Last year I brought the 30-06. and, while it was accurate, it didn't detonate shit.

This year I have a .308. That is what I mounted the hefty Leupold on.

In addition to that, I picked up a Sako LH chambered in .340 Weatherby Mag. That's well and good. I've only shot it once or twice and a completely fucked up resizing the brass. As such, I've had my reservations about the costs of this round, even if I do get my shit together with the load in the mean time.

David over at RNS has his Boomershoot rifle in. It is a Weatherby .300 Mag and is, needless to say, a gorgeous specimin of rifle. He reflects the same concerns I did about the .340, except the .340 is even more expensive. I might have been able to pull off a .300 Weatherby, but the .340 is so obscure, only Weatherby makes ammunition for it. It averages $2 a round, and if you want to load, once fired brass is a buck. Fuck that.

Something that's been under the radar for awhile is a Browning A-bolt, chambered in .300 WSM. I ignored this rifle for several months and never even posted pictures. I picked it up several months ago and started shooting it and it is a joy to behold. It is also my best load to date.

In any case, this is probably primary or secondary at Boomershoot.

As to the Sako, I will probably fuck with that after the event.

Pics are posted above, and if you are actually interested in making your rifle look good as opposed to my lazy-ass job, Head has a recommendation or two.

How do you think a K31 would perform at Boomershoot? I don't have any hulking big powered rifles - I hunt deer no moose or elk or grizzlies here in Virginia.

I almost bought a Model 70 in .300 Winchester Magnum this summer for deer season but passed on it (and used my Marlin 336 instead).

Anyway, would my cheap ass surplus k31 in 7.5 Swiss be adequate?
Here is the "offical word" on what you need to bring to a Boomershoot.

It boils down to equipment you can deliver a projectile going > 1500 fps to a target that is about 1 MOA square. That is a 4" square at 380 yards, and 7" square at 700 yards with some 6" square targets in between. Then for clean up you probably will want a semi-auto carbine that you can hit 4" square targets from about 100 feet away shooting from the kneeling or offhand position.

I just don't know enough about a K31 in 7.5 Swiss to give you an answer.

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