Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Springfield NM M1A

This rifle was ordered back in February. After all that time, I'm pleased to say, after the first range day with it, it was well worth the wait. It was a little pricey, but the match barrel, glass bedding job, and NM sights make this just about the most accurate firearm I have ever seen out of the box.

Within 10 minutes of shooting, we had a very nice 200 yard zero on this thing. Fifteen more and the Old Man was scoring 3" groups on steel at 400 yards. By the time we'd gone through 300 rounds of .308 (which was 45 minutes to an hour) the old man was getting hits on steel at 600 yards.

The sights have 1/2 moa adjustments with the long hooded apperture having another built-in 1/2 moa adjustment.

We ordered a bunch of mazagines right after we ordered the rifle, so we don't remember where the fuck they were purchased from, but the rifle fed flawlessly without a single jam or bolt lock (like I've experienced with Garands.)

The other thing that surprised me was the broad applications it has utility-wise. I am used to configurations/calibers having a somewhat narrow application inherent in the design. This weapon would be a good mid-range zombie weapon, as well as a long-distance shooter.

We already have scope mounts for the thing, and there is a pretty good chance that this will be the Old Man's backup Boomershoot, if it doesn't surpass the Old Man's esteem for the Remington Classic and become primary.

Additionally, be being the left-handed fuck-up I am, I'm happy to report that it did not fuck with me at all as far as ejecting brass and, unlike a Garand, uses a normal box magazine instead of those weird top-ejecting clips.



How does it like the Black Hills Match???

"weird top-ejecting clips"??

Those aren't "weird," they're...



Besides, I kinda like the "Pinnnnng!" myself.

I appreciate the sentiment, but, being left-handed, you kind of tire of getting smacked in the head every time it goes "Piiiiing!"
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