Sunday, September 18, 2005

Chai Vang Verdict

The Chai Vang verdict finally came in. Predictably, it was amid much discussion of race.

"If Mr. Vang was white, it would probably take more time," said Lee, owner of
Hmong Times, a Hmong newspaper in Vang's home town of St. Paul.
Of course, the white jury assumed that this moster was guilty based solely on the fact that he was a Laotion refugee. That's the way white people think. That's why they blew up the levee in New Orleans to disproportionately affect blacks, as the esteemed Mr. Farrakhan has alleged.

Of course, certain activists still cling to the absurd notion that Mr. Vang was only attempting to defend his own life. As one community leader put it:

"Given that he thought his life was in danger, you'd think that would weigh in
at some extent," said Lee Pao Xiong, director of the Center for Hmong Studies at
Concordia University in St. Paul.
As analyzed on this website and others, this was a cold-blooded killing of the worst kind that demonized both hunters and certain varieties of battle rifles. The media jumped on that angle of the story with both feet, ignoring the fact that this guy was just a flat out psycho asshole.

When I commented upon this situation originally, I was generally reviled and also the target of a one-post blog, advocating my death. Say Uncle also received some flack for his commentary.

As we've all realized after the rape and looting in NO, no issue can be considered sans race. It is more of an essential component than it would have been 20 years ago. Why what the "Hmong community" thinks about pre-meditated murder, is of any interest to the media, confounds me.

A "spokesman" had this to say:

Xiong will go hunting this fall, as usual, but plans to be more cautious in the
woods. He said he's been harassed before by white hunters. "Hmong people will
probably arm themselves more," Xiong said. "But I hope that it will also prevent
people from making derogatory comments."
This is counter-intuitive tripe at its best.

I would recommend that any non-Hmong hunter arm him or herself better this season, as that was the profile of the asshole who shot 8 people last year. To date, the only thing Hmong have to fear is a fair trial if they decide to go kill people.

In conclusion, this shitbird actually had the huevos to say that some of these people deserved to die, when he took the stand:

Vang says the hunters used profanities and racial slurs when they confronted him
for trespassing. Vang says he feared for his life. He testified that
he started shooting at them after he thought one shot at him and the others were
going for more guns. Prosecutors asked him if each victim deserved to
die. Vang answered "no" in some cases and "yes" in others.

Fuck him and anyone who supports him. This begins to remind me of the ignorant though noticeable movement to "Free Mumia."

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