Sunday, July 10, 2005

End of Radio Silence

I have been silent for almost a week. In the meantime there have been some interesting developments. Me and the Old Man have registered for next year's Boomershoot. Our equipment has improved, and has been previously demonstrated, the old man has a rifle that should be adequate if not more so.

Additionally, Analogue Kid has requested that some of you lazy shits take part in what seems to be a brilliant exercise. The modern Postal Match not only seems to be timely, but might encourage some of you guys with a lot of guns to shoot them. This is a problem I see as pandemic. A lot of people own guns, but never become proficient with them. This problem was eminently apparent at the last Boomershoot.

A lot of people didn't have a good "no-wind zero" which meant shots beyond 500 yards was merely wasting ammo. This can be rectified by taking part in these sort of competitions. You will lose, but you WILL get better.

I can't commit right now, as it is the busy season in my business and my range visits are sporadic at best. But I highly endorse any endeavour that will improve civilian familiarity and accuracy.

Also, I might actually post tomorrow night. That hasn't happened in weeks.

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