Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Old Man has a Problem

The old man had a problem with a previous post. He is tired of us young'uns bitching about Boomers. His post will come later. Let's see what him and Susan Sontag can say for their generation, eh?

I am, sorry to say, a Boomer. A member of the whining, spoiled generation. You ReasonableNuts are right. Socialist Security is sick, and should be terminated. I would love to get back even what I put into it, but hey, it has to end somewhere. It was just more "legal plunder"; more taxation, that is it. Unfortunately, the FDR-ists at the AARP will fight tooth and nail to rape their grandchildren.

As with Second Amendment issues, we need to have our ideals (Vermont Carry; eliminate social security), but realize that sometimes, we need to get behind compromises in the short term (CCW licenses; partial privitization). Otherwise, you wind up getting as far in politics as the Libertarian Party.
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