Sunday, December 26, 2004

Social Security(The Once and Only Post)

Social Security has all of a sudden come to the head of politics. People argue about; come up with loony salves; remain in denial ("The system's fine.")

No one has outdone Krugman(note I was going to link to one of his latest scathing columns, but the Old Grey Lady wants me to pay for it: not happening) in the freakout category than Michael Kinsley. He even floated a meme to several blogs to get the blogosphere opinion.

In any regard it is all crap. If liberals or conservatives start telling you there is any way to save "The Most Successful Social Program in the History of the World", tell them they are full of shit. And on this one, Republicans are- as bad as Democrats. They paid into it, so they want they're government payoff, when the time comes.

The only solution is complete dissolution. If baby-boomers want to be that greedy (and they are) I'll pay into the system for another decade, just so those whining fuckers will have the free everything they've always wanted.

I think I can plan my own retirement a little better than FDR or GWB or any other elected fucker I can think of. But freedom can be dangerous, can't it? You let me invest and make a shitload of money, maybe other people will start to think that being responsible for themselves and their parents may not be such a bad idea.

And then where are you at? Right back to free-market capitalism, which, if you ask the left, has done more damage to this country than the 2nd amendment alone. Kind of scary if those people who take the Constitution and the intent of this country's founding seriously, actually get to run anything.

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