Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election Round-Up

I may have been to harsh on Mr. Kerry last night. My previously non-existant respect for the man climbed several notches today. I may be sentimental, but he took the honorable way out and I always thought we was too egotistical to concede. Kudos to him.

Edwards was a different matter. This guy is theoretically making a concession speech but it sounds like he's trying to rile up a union hall in Iowa during the primaries. This man is dangerous.

Daschle got booted and Thune seems to be a good candidate.

The only Dem I was rooting for was the guy who was running against Arlen Specter (Hoeffler?, Hoefsted?, something like that.) Mr. Specter is the most duplicitous member of the Senate. If he manages to stab Bush in the back in the next four years, W should have seen it coming. Also, this guy was the chief architect of the Bork smear, and we're going to trust him with the chair of the judiciary? Ludicrous.

Spoons agrees with me that Michael Barone is the smartest man alive.

Arafat also seems to have fallen back into critical condition. Poor, poor soul. If Bush wins, and Arafat croaks before midnight, this will be a very happy day, indeed.


Cowboy Blob's assessment is pretty much mine. Smallest Minority sums it up graphically. Head says fuck em'. Hey, it's politics, and I'm just really glad it's over.

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