Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kirk finished his AR

Kirk is finally done. For those of you that haven't followed the pilgrimage, it was a long hard slog, just like most of his gun projects. Maybe moving out of Maryland would help, but maybe not.

If anyone recalls, Kirk was lucky his Boomershoot rifle 4 years ago was actually done. I think he got to shoot it twice before he left for Idaho. If I'm wrong, he'll correct me.

Regardless, he ended up with a tits looking AR. I've never seen a "gold" trigger on one before. The contrast is striking.

Thanks mano...

I just wish it was done. One last bit and it is ready to shoot. I could shoot it now but it is a bolt action gun at the moment.

I am going to order the Adams Arms piston system shortly.

But my new Nighthawk Dominator is the balls...
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