Monday, September 21, 2009

The Kingman Disaster Resolved

This is all that I pulled out of my carry, after the extractor broke at the Nevada border. Looks like the thing snapped off right after the butt.

The other half got chucked into a trash can at the Silver Legacy after a dude from Hi-Cap checked it out. Crazy fucker though he might be able to fashion an extractor in under 48 hours.

Unfortunately, it wasn't in the cards. I had to use the old man's carry to compete. And using the word "compete," is generous, at best.

Nonetheless, got home and hit Brownell's on Wednesday morning. Sure as shit, the parts showed up Friday (I say parts because I got an extra extractor and a sear spring, because that broke on my old man's carry about 3 weeks ago.)

Wilson readily admits that their extractors are tight. The slot for the firing pin stop is shallow, so the extractor is extremely taut. As such, I had to take some material off of the right side of the firing pin stop. Of course, these are the things that my mechanical incompetence shows through on.
I started out using Emory cloth. In retrospect, I could have gone through about 18 sheets and still not accomplished the task at hand. Then I switched to a fine diamond file, when I should have used a coarse one. All in all, it took about an hour and a half to fit the extractor. There is some fine tuning that remains to be done, but I should have my pistolsmith take a look at it this week.
I worked a bunch of snap-caps through it over the weekend and it seemed to work fine. This is my carry, though. I won't be carrying it until it gets a complete workout at the range with live safety function checks and the like.

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