Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blogger Rendezous Part I

I'm not going to post my recollections in a consecutive stream. I'll post what strikes me when I sit down for the next week or so.

My biggest shout out is to the West Nevada Pistol League. They provided the steel for the pistol match. I could have not shot and had a great time. I got my ass kicked by a pre-teen girl and an old guy.

Regardless, the range had some really cool shirts. Actually, this is my favorite shooting shirt now. It doesn't seem like anybody else noticed them in the range check-in. I thought they might me online, but, apparently, are not.

If you make to Reno, buy a cool shirt.

Damn! I didn't see those for sale either, but I saw somebody wearing one and thought it was pretty cool! Next year.
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