Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Favorite Knife

This is a gun blog. I have training with firearms. I have none with edged weapons. But, sometimes, I fall in love.
Before I started shooting or training or any shit like that, a friend of mine in high school had his older brother buy me a Mark II. I carried it to school and everywhere else for a little while. Needless to say, I was a problematic teenager and I became sure that my mother would find the knife. As such, I wrapped in plastic and buried on the side of the house, about 3 feet from where I'd buried my pot pipe several months before.
They built a shed over it. It's gone.
As far as I can tell, Gerber stopped making their most popular product somewhere in the early 90's. I managed to score one in 2000 for about a hundred and 20 bucks. I love this knife but not as much as the one I buried.

It's simply beautiful.

Today, an A.G. Russells catalogue came in and I was about to throw it away. Unfortunately, as I was about to toss it, I noticed that they were advertising the Mark II on the back page.

Now, I've spent about $4,000 this summer, just trying to get some dead fucker in the ground. I haven't bought any guns and I damn straight haven't bought any knives. But take a look at it.
It surely is beauty to behold. And it has a blackened blade (or whatever technical shit it is.)
It's a lot of money to me, right now, and Russell is listing it as temporarily unavailable; nonetheless, I don't think I can resist this temptation.

The aluminum die cast handle is what worries me. Die cast is known to be brittle. It's prolly okay for stabbin' someone but if you were to thrust in and up and hit the sternum bone hard the handle might break off. Bad news if there's more than one bad guy. By the way, I have a new address now. Go here if you would like to update it. Thanx. Warning: NSFW!

Bullseye @ American Drumslinger
I snapped a Mark I blade out of the aluminum handle fooling around with it back in High School.

I also broke a Buck General so what do I know?
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