Monday, February 04, 2008

Whittington I

I can't actually post the whole thing. So here is the beginning.

We signed up for a 2-day course and a fuck-around day at the long range.

This post is about the lodging ($24 a day, per head.)

The shower was better than the one in my house. There was a fridge, stove/range, coffee maker, and the beds were immaculate (although I rolled off once because of a dream or...well, something.)

The first day we shot at the the 1,000 yard high-power range.

This was our view of the range off of the back porch of the cabin. It was a 90 second drive to get there and the instructor said it was better than Fort Perry.

It is a 100 station range, measured to a 1,000 yards, and we had four guys on it. Pretty fucking cool.

Evenings, we would grill some shit and hang out on the patio. One night we screwed around with a long range training program on a laptop.

As I smoke, and that is verboten in the cabins (especially with weirdo Barrett people around ((more on those fuckers later)) I spent a lot of time on the porch. The stars were beautiful and I like the fact that no one could fuck with me.

Evenings you'd see all kinds of game wandering past. I think the second night, we saw a wounded antelope going by at 60 mph. All bets were the poor fucker wasn't making it through the night.
Whatever your interests are, I think Whittington can accomodate you. It's a good fucking time. The best vacation I have ever taken.
Rest of the report to follow.

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